Gutter Repair Vacaville T&K Roof Repair

Gutter Repair Vacaville T&K Roof Repair

Gutter Repair Gets No Respect!

Gutter repair, and gutters in general, get no respect. People only think about their gutters when they need cleaning, are leaking, or coming lose from their house. People forget that gutters perform a very important service: they prevent rainwater from damaging your home!

Gutter Repair Can Prevent Significant Damage to Your Home

If water is allowed to run down the sides of your house and saturate the soil at its foundation, some unpleasant and expensive problems may result (especially if your property isnt properly graded).

Here are some specific problems that gutter repair can prevent:

Leakage and Flooding. Experts agree that rainwater runoff from your roof must be channeled a minimum of four feet from your homes foundation to prevent leaks and flooding in your house. Your concrete foundation was NOT designed to keep gallons of water away for years. A gutter repair or installation will take care of this for you!

Foundation Damage. The short-term consequences of excessive water saturating the soil around your home are bad enough, but the long-term consequences are much more severe. The accumulation of excessive water can cause structural damage to your home’s foundation, possibly making your home unsafe and costing thousands of dollars to repair. A gutter repair or installation will be much cheaper!

Siding Damage. Allowing rainwater to stream down the side of your home can cause serious damage depending on the kind of siding you have. It can cause wood to bulge, warp or rot; paint to prematurely peel and discolor; and brick, stone, and concrete to chip and crack. A gutter repair or installation will prevent this!

Siding Stains. Youve seen how the minerals in water tends to stain coffee pots, sinks, and bathtubs, right? All types of siding can be stained when water, along with wind-blown dirt and debris, sticks to the sides of your home and is cooked into it by the hot California sun. These stains look ugly and can even decrease the value of your home. A properly functioning gutter system or gutter repair will prevent this!

Driveway Damage. It seems strange but its true: water is more powerful than concrete. Runoff water from your roof can erode the ground underneath concrete and asphalt driveways and walkways, causing them to sag, bulge, crack, and develop potholes. A gutter repair or installation can prevent this!

Gutter Repair Vacaville T&K Roof Repair

Soil Erosion. While rain is good for your lawn and garden, too much water will cause soil erosion. Too much water pooling around your home can also drown nearby plants. A gutter repair or installation will prevent this!

Formation of Mold. Long before any noticeable cracks form in your walls, tiny cracks will form. These small, porous, and invisible cracks will let in small amounts of water. Every time it rains, this will cause moisture to accumulate inside your walls and vents. This dark and damp environment is ideal for mold to start growing inside your home. A gutter repair or installation will prevent this!

For all of these reasons, we strongly recommend you have your gutter system thoroughly inspected to determine whether you need gutter repair work.

We will extensively examine your gutters to determine if you need gutter repair (i.e. if they have the correct slope for proper water drainage, if their seams, elbow joints, and all other joints are properly fastened together and are properly caulked and sealed, and if any cracks, holes, or other damage is present).

Gutter repair is a much less expensive solution than fixing the problems that inefficient gutters can cause!

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