Polyiso Roof Insulation Atlas Roofing

Polyiso Roof Insulation Atlas Roofing

When it comes to selecting the best overall roof insulation product, Polyiso is the product of choice. No other insulated roofing product has the perfect combination of features that are so important for long-term performance. These features have low initial installation costs, as well as attractive life-cycle payback rates, which can be easily calculated by using the EnergyWise Roof Calculator Online (NRCA/PIMA). Ask your Atlas Sales representative for a demonstration.

Polyiso roof insulation is the only insulated roofing product that can be used in almost all types of roof systems without the need for a thermal barrier. Polyisos high-temperature stability prevents melting when mopped with hot bitumen. A polyiso roof insulation board is unaffected by properly applied construction adhesives, and many membrane manufacturers specify its use without the need for a cover board in single-ply adhered systems.

All Atlas ACFoam polyiso insulations are QualityMark cm certified. giving consumers an easy way to identify quality products that meet or exceed listed LTTR-values. Atlas recommends ACFoam Roof Insulation only for roofing applications installed by a qualified contractor. FM Approvals has approved the use of ACFoam as a component in Class 1 insulated roof deck construction. ACFoam has also been tested and Classified by Underwriters Laboratories as a component of an insulated roof deck.

Typical Commercial Roof System Design Criteria

Several design criteria require the designers consideration when determining the components of a roof assembly. The following checklist is not exhaustive but should assist in the design process:

  • Geographical location (climate)
  • Building usage (temperature and humidity)
  • Type of roof deck
  • Code requirements
  • Slope and drainage

Benefits of Polyiso Insulated Roofing

  • Key component of fire rated roof assemblies
  • Compatible with system components, including adhesives
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Improves energy efficiency in buildings

Polyiso Roof Insulation Lifecycle Assessment

Besides its many well-known benefits, including serving as an appropriate base for roof membranes, improving occupant comfort, reducing potential for condensation, and reducing operating expenses, ACFoam also provides a positive Life Cycle Assessment, a key measure of sustainability. Based on a cradle-to-grave assessment, ACFoam greatly reduces fossil fuel use and associated carbon emissions. Energy savings and carbon reductions greatly outweigh the marginal embodied energy needed for the creation, use, and disposal of the material. For more information, check out Bayer’s recent study on polyiso Life Cycle Assessment .

Atlas Polyiso Products Awards

Atlas insulated roofing products and the trade association representing the industry, PIMA, have received many environmental awards. These include the Sustainable Buildings Industry Councils (SBIC) 2003 Best Practice Sustainability Award and the U.S. EPAs Climate Protection Award for the associations leadership in promoting energy efficiency and climate protection.

In 1999 the U.S. EPA also awarded Atlas the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for leadership in CFC phase-out in Polyiso roof insulation and in recognition of exceptional contributions to global environmental protection.

Tax Incentives for Using Polyiso Roof Insulation

Download the Atlas Manufacturer’s Certification Statement and informational flyer for details about taking advantage of the "Eligible Building Envelope Components" tax credit found in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to insulate your home/building and your pocket!

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