Apex Green Roofs Green Roof Design, Installation, & Maintenance Services

Apex Green Roofs Green Roof Design, Installation, & Maintenance Services


Apex Green Roofs draws closely on its heritage of Landscape Design to provide it’s clients with cutting-edge roof interpretations that both please the eye and satisfy the rigorous requirements of a long-lasting vegetative roof. Each vegetative roof’s unique characteristics, environmental setting and needs are factored into our design to yield efficient energy savings, environment benefits, micro ecosystems and a pleasing aesthetic. Our clients are rewarded with a resilient center-piece for their space that demonstrates an attitude toward the environment favored in this emerging green economy.

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Apex Green Roofs has built green roofs for the last four years. We have encountered a number of scenarios and have built over 50,000 square feet of vegetative roofs in New England and Mid Atlantic regions. We are equipped to handle jobs of any size and our knowledgeable staff will be willing to guide you towards your green goals.


It is true that green roofs require little maintenance, but that does not mean they require NO maintenance. Like any living system, a little extra care must be given to the vegetation during the first few years to ensure that a green roof is actually green and not covered in weeds. Apex Green Roofs insists that all of our systems be maintained at least six times within the first two years while the plants are establishing themselves. We believe this so strongly that maintenance is included in our estimate and is required for our warranty.

Apex Green Roofs has found many examples of green roof systems that have been installed by other companies but have not been properly maintained. We have a vested interest in the industry and want to see all vegetated roofs at their best. Putting people on the roof that are familiar with green roof plants and systems will ensure your vegetative roof is looking its best and functioning properly at all times.

Apex Green Roofs does the following at each maintenance visit:

Inspect Drains and Drainage Layer Each green roof has a unique drainage system that requires a knowledgeable eye to make sure that water isn’t pooling and that it is properly draining through internal drains or scuppers.

Document Success of Green Roof Each green roof has unique ecosystems and micro-climates where certain plants thrive and others may struggle. Apex Green Roofs, Inc. will document, with a trained eye, the plant health and will supplement appropriate plantings in troubled areas with cuttings or plugs. After every maintenance visit, we will keep the client updated on any problems that we may come across and will offer recommendations for how to resolve them. Additionally, we photo document our work and will extend the images to the client for their benefit.

Physical Maintenance Before a green roof has completely grown in, the plants you purchased can experience competition from invasive species and weeds. We methodically remove all unwanted species and encourage the desirable ones with additional cuttings or plugs. We apply fertilizer and pre-emergent as needed and generally cater to plant/site specific needs.

Apex Green Roofs, Inc. feels strongly that maintenance visits are critical to the success of a thriving green roof. With each visit you can expect a report on how well your green roof is functioning and pictures to document its progress.

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