Barrett Roofing Products

Barrett Roofing Products

Barrett Company offers its customers a wide variety of products to fit their specific needs. Whether the need is the latest Green roof system or our high tech ram-Tough 250 waterproofing, the completed project will be watertight for decades to come. Check out our various time-proven systems below and be sure to register to get the latest updates and events at Barrett.

The roof is a forgotten element on most buildings. Unnecessarily. Designed and built with multi-functional elements, roofs can be environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. GreenRoof — Roofscapes are the sustainable roofing — landscaping systems that offers the Owner and society many environmental benefits.

The uncompromising, tough, flexible membrane that delivers design flexibility, durability and provides the owner with a single source warranty system.

ram-Tough 250 is composed of SBS rubber polymers, specially refined unoxidized asphalt, mineral filler and recycled tire rubber. This thermoplastic rubberized asphalt membrane forms a completely monolithic waterproofing system without seams and joints.

ram-Tough 250 is heated in a melter on the jobsite to a fluid state and spread onto the deck and walls. It is reinforced with spunbond polyester and neoprene flashing, creating a 215 mil thick protective waterproof membrane. The rubberized materials weblike molecular structure creates a microscopic elastic network of strong rubberized strands. During the polymerization process, the network absorbs the bitumen to produce a rubber like waterproofing material with exceptional self-healing properties, excellent toughness, tenacity, fatigue resistance, and flexibility especially at cold temperatures.

Ram-Tough XL is a premium fluid applied waterproofing that exceeds the requirements of CGSB 3750 GP 50 M.

KLB-100 roof assemblies offer the elastic properties of single ply with the time proven redundancy and abuse resistance of Built-Up Roofing technology.

ram-Toughs elastomeric mopping bitumen combines Shell Kraton SEBS rubber polymer with a highly select grade of unoxidized asphalt creating a thermoplastic elastomeric material. The rubberized materials weblike molecular structure creates a microscopic elastic network of strong rubberized strands. During the polymerization process, the network absorbs the bitumen, producing a waterproofing material with excellent self-healing properties, toughness, tenacity, fatigue resistance, and cold temperature flexibility.

Cold Process Built-Up Roofing Systems

Ram ColdTar Roof Compound

Barrett Roofing Products

Ram ColdTar is a unique thermoplastic rubber compound designed for use in the construction and restoration of bituminous membrane roofing systems. This product is manufactured with an exclusive combination of ingredients, specifically engineered to provide a monolithic, elastomeric membrane thats resistant to the elements that are detrimental to the life of a bituminous membrane system.

Fortified with coal tar and SBS polymers, Ram ColdTar offers superior resistance to ponded water conditions. Ram ColdTar goes on as a cold-applied liquid and cures to a flexible and elastic rubber-like membrane fused to the underlying bitumenious membrane.

Used as part of a total restoration procedure, the Ram ColdTar system can save up to 60% of the cost of typical reroofing processes. Considered a maintenance procedure, the Ram ColdTar restoration process may reduce a building owners tax burden by avoiding long term depreciation expense associated with new roof construction, allowing the cost to be expensed the same year. The Ram ColdTar restoration process often satisfies building codes requirements which set limits on the number of reroofing applications.

New Construction Reroofing

When a premium membrane assembly is required, Ram ColdTar, used in conjunction with 3 or 4 plies of Ram 40, a high strength tri-laminate reinforcement, provides a cold process membrane assembly designed for long term performance, even under ponded water condition allowed which is usually two.

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