Benefits of a roof terrace

Benefits of a roof terrace

Not only do they add extra space to your home, a roof terrace raises the value of your property, cuts noise pollution and reduces your utility bills. Read on to discover the full benefits of a roof terrace.

A roof terrace is a great

A roof terrace is a fantastic addition to any home able to have one. The benefits are various and great; such as drastically raising the value of your house, reducing utility bills, cutting noise pollution and reducing the risk of flooding. Depending on the type of roof terrace they can also be a haven for wildlife and a helping hand for the environment.

If you dont have a garden, a roof terrace is a great place for getting some fresh air without having the fuss of mowing the lawn or taking care of plants and trees. Due to the customisability of roof terraces, it is possible to have a lot of plants and trees if you want, though you may require extra reinforcement to support the added weight. Roof terraces are also perfect for taking advantage of the increasingly hot British weather and allow you to have deck chairs for some peaceful sunbathing.

Planning permission can bring a halt to many building projects but roof terraces do not suffer as much as other building developments. Roof terraces will require planning permission if they overlook other properties or if they require substantial building work such as adding a stair case or building additional walls. As with any building project, you should seek professional advice about planning permission.

Each roof terrace can be made to suit your personal tastes whether you want to go modern and minimalistic or create a relaxing outdoor space. Talk to your designer or architect to flesh out any ideas you have. Roof terraces break up the sky line in a city and will make your property stand out for all the right reasons.

Benefits of a roof terrace

Green roof terrace

Green roof terraces, or green roof gardens, are becoming increasingly popular in urban environments. They tend to be grass-covered roof terraces but can also be covered with various plants. Green roof terraces provide a relaxing green space in an otherwise concrete jungle. A green roof terrace can capture up to 75% of rainwater, which reduces run-off and the risk of flooding. The roof terrace provides greater insulation and can reduce heat loss during winter by 30% as well as cutting noise pollution. The need for less heating will mean your roof terrace decreases the price of your utility bills. The money saving benefits dont stop there though. The life-span of your roof terrace can also be increased by up to 70% because of the added protection from the foliage. Your green roof terrace will also provide you with the peace of mind that youll be helping to reduce the planets Co2 levels. Sheltered terraces can even have some success when used for growing Mediterranean trees such as olives or oranges.

Roof terraces can be expensive, ranging from 7,500 to about 50,000. Although the lower end of the scale will buy you a comfortable roof terrace, as with many building projects you are limited only by your funds, building space and creativity. Dont let the potentially high costs of a roof terrace deter you though because they can increase the value of your home from about 10-20%. With this considered as well as the benefits your roof terrace brings to your utility bills it will likely pay for itself and potentially even make a profit. When budgeting for your roof terrace, make sure you consider the cost of furnishing with chairs and tables as well as outdoor lights.

As you can see, the benefits of a roof terrace are varied. They are a great way to create a personalised, relaxing space that is perfect for your needs.

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