Clean Air through Green Roofs Guest Blogger Post Benefits of Green Roofing by Taylor Dardan

Clean Air through Green Roofs Guest Blogger Post Benefits of Green Roofing by Taylor Dardan

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guest Blogger Post: Benefits of Green Roofing by Taylor Dardan

Great Post!!

I like the infra-structure and design of both house both are looking fabulous and greenery are matching perfectly to goals of architects.

Thanks for your post.

Wow! amazing Infrastructure looking so beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

Great post. I enjoyed reading it. These green roofing are amazing. look so cool and classy I wish i can have a green roofing like one in these photos.Thanks for sharing .

Garden roofing is a great concept. I wish we would see more of them on the tops of apartments buildings. These photos are truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.

Garden roofing is a great idea! I wish more people in New Jersey were interested in doing that — it hasnt quite caught on here. Hopefully more people will read your blog and discover how amazing they can be!

A green roof is actually a roof garden, which can add visual pleasure and prestige to what has traditionally been an under-utilized portion of the building. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, there are many ways in which a green roof can improve physical and emotional health.

Looks amazing, its about time we are moving forward. Grass does look greener on that side

Green roofs can serve as community hubs, increase social cohesion, promote a sense of community, and improve public safety.

It is heartwarming that a lot of concerned people exerted conscious effort to come up with an alternative and effective way to save whats left of our environment. Green roofing is an architectural development that gives equal opportunity to purpose and design. It offers both personal and social benefits. A green roof can reduce noise and heat, leading to potential savings on energy usage. But one of the best things about a green roof is that it can detoxify the air we breathe.

Amazing, I love reading and watching the pictures shown in your post.

The architecture and design are our passion and we enjoy to communicate and show our work those who have this passion in common.

Clean Air through Green Roofs Guest Blogger Post Benefits of Green Roofing by Taylor Dardan

For us is great pleasure enjoy your blog.

I am thinking of green garden roof. I have been trying to read as many post as possible about this topic. If I can save money and add the value of the house I am all for it.

Green roofs play an important role in clearing out pollution in your city. It also helps to prevent the accumulation of greenhouse gases, thus, providing a balanced temperature in the environment.

The green roof technology is actually becoming popular across the globe. Meaning, many people are supporting this viable way of saving our environment. And there are plenty of reasons to support this development. For one, it provides space for leisure activities, including gardening. And when it comes to aesthetic and psychological impact, green roofs also have a lot to offer. Another thing is, it aids in waterproofing, water retention, and thermal insulation.

Green roofs are very good for environment and for the cooling the internal temperature. there is also other roof system which help you to cool the internal system called Rubber roof.

I love the idea of green roofs- much needed for our environment. I saw my first one the other day here in Kansas City. It wasnt as good looking as the ones in the pictures here, but at least they were trying. I hope to see more soon in the future.

It is really encouraging to see a lot of people getting into green roofing. Green roofs are the way of the future, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

Great post, I appreciate you and I would like to read your next post. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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