Conservatory Blinds, Window Blinds, Conservatory Roof Blinds

Conservatory Blinds, Window Blinds, Conservatory Roof Blinds

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Prestige is a privately run, family owned business that has been making and selling Conservatory Blinds for over 20 years. Nearly all of our business comes from "word of mouth", whether that be from previous customers or our retail partners. Our success is due to our uncompromising principles of providing high quality blinds at the best price.

You won’t find us advertising "Buy One Get One Free" offers or "Sale Now On" promotions. Nearly all of these offers are just marketing trickery designed to fool you into buying. Click the link to find out our view on "sales promos" .

Our experience in the design, manufacture and installation of blinds over 20 years has helped us to become one of the nation’s most trusted and respected brands. We don’t do gimmicks, just great quality, outstanding service and our best value, everytime. Find out more about us.

You’ve just had your new conservatory built and it now looks so inviting with your new furniture, view of the garden and glorious sunlight shining down on you (on days when we have sunshine!). But, fast forward a few years and the same conservatory now has faded furniture that is splitting at the joints, due to heat swell. Quite often is either too cold or too hot to sit and relax in and is forever attracting the flies.

That space that once felt like it would transform your living space, now sit largely unused and looking a bit drab. So, how do you prevent the effects of the sun, the cold and protect your furniture? Somewhat obviously, conservatory blinds can make a big difference along with some other useful tips to help.

To help protect against sun damage, you could consider, reflective UV blinds. To combat heat loss you could go for energy efficient blinds. Or, if you suffer from an abundance of flies and insects, then having the right style of blinds can make life so much easier.

For more information on preventing the common problems associated with conservatories click here .

Many of our competitors offer "Buy One Get One Free" offers and "Sale Now On" promotions, pretty much throughout the year. Sounds great doesn’t it, especially given how tough our economy is at the moment. Saving £100-£500 on the cost of your Conservatory Blinds makes complete sense. Until you realise all is not quite as it first appears!

More blinds products are now being sold with lower quality fittings or thinner materials, making them much more prone to failure. What’s more, the prices haven’t gone down. In effect, you are paying more for less.

Want 50% off in the sale? Is water wet, of course I do. Hold on a moment, if they can offer me blinds at 50% off, was I getting ripped off in the first place? Well, we think you’re probably smart enough to have asked yourself that question and made your own mind up.

Conservatory Blinds, Window Blinds, Conservatory Roof Blinds

At Prestige we don’t go in for flashy discount schemes or sales promos. Our best price is always our best price no matter what day it is.

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The surveying, manufacturing and installation of made-to-measure blinds requires great care and attention to detail and having provided our products and services to our clients; our business partners and their customers for over fifteen years, we now think we’ve had time to get it right.

We hope you will want to take advantage of our years of experience in fitting conservatory roof and window blinds to all makes, shapes and styles of conservatories; and the experience we can offer in every product or service we provide.

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