Cool and Creative Green Roofs.

Cool and Creative Green Roofs.

Cool and Creative Green Roofs.

Green roofs add natural beauty to a landscape that is increasingly made up of concrete & pavement. And what’s the purpose of having a regular roof which provides no ecological, economic, or aesthetic benefits. The plants absorb CO2 & provide a haven to insects & birds. They provide cooling in summer & insulate the building by absorbing rainwater in winter. On a hot summer day the surface temperature of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature. Apart from this it also provide a wide range of public & private benefits.

Green roof planted with native species at L’Historial de la Vende, a new museum in western France. (Photo credit: Simon Garbutt)

Cool and Creative Green Roofs have become a very important component of sustainable urban development within the last 30 years. Growing awareness and the economical and ecological advantages are the driving factors for this great success.

At present, Cool and Creative Green Roofs, sky gardens and rooftop gardens can be found in nearly all the big cities around the world.

It can be characterize into three different forms of Cool and Creative Green Roofs:

Extensive Cool and Creative Green Roofs are well suited roofs with little load bearing capacity and sites which are not meant to be used as roof gardens. The costs are lower than Simple Intensive or Intensive Cool and Creative Green Roofs.

Semi-Intensive Cool and Creative Green Roofs in terms of requirements fall in between Extensive and Intensive Green Roof systems. More maintenance, higher costs and more weight are the characteristics for the intermediate Green Roof type compared to that of the Extensive Green Roof.

Intensive Green Roof / Roof Garden: Lawn, perennials, bushes and trees are possible on Intensive Cool and Creative Green Roofs. Walkways, benches, playgrounds or even ponds can be established as additional features on the roof. There are no limitations in design and individuality, but a few things have to be considered. Green Roof System, Hamilton Building in Portland, & Green Roof System, Mountain Equipment Co-op in Toronto.

Corporate Golf Course Green Roof.

Even the British housing minister Ms. Yvette Cooper stated :"Ms Cooper said that putting grass or alpine plants on roofs was a key way to improve insulation, boost wildlife.

The plants spend their days transforming CO2, the main greenhouse gas, into life-giving oxygen. And, of course, the green slopes also cover the hard, artificial outline of the roof.

The Germans have been installing green roofs for 30 years, so why don’t we?

One of the big advantages is in controlling rainwater run-off. ‘A green roof will retain an inch of rainwater that would otherwise run off ,’ he says.

Aesthetics come into it too. "On hot summer days, the surface temperature of a vegetated rooftop can be cooler than the air temperature, whereas the surface of a traditional rooftop can be up to 90F (50C) warmer."

An extensive green roof covers the garage providing an aesthetically pleasing view for the building occupants (Photo courtesy of Behrens Systementwick

English Nature spokesman Pete Massini suggests there are many benefits if one goes for a green roof: "They can cool down cities in summer, filter dust out of the air and regulate the temperature of buildings,"

Cool and Creative Green Roofs.

"One of the other reasons that we’re suggesting this is for aesthetic quality."

An intensive roof garden in Manhattan.

Several grass roofs can be seen in the village of Bur in the Faroe Islands. Cool and Creative Green Roofs have been installed in the US, in places such as Chicago City Hall, and more are planned, like Ford’s River renovation in Detroit. However, our roof conditions are substantially different than those in Germany. Horniman Museum extension .

Awesome green roof art school at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

On the green roof of the Mountain Equipment Co-op store in Toronto, Canada.

Extreme Makeover — Home Edition in the Arizona desert.

Here is another from Alaska Convention & Visitor’s Bureau — at West 4th Avenue in downtown Anchorage.

Stabor (storage building) near Lillehammer

Located in Sisters Bay, on state Rte. 42 in down town at AL’s Resturant.Door Co — WI. Grass roofed building with goats on the roof eating it!

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