Different Aspects Ltd Sedum Roofs And Green Roofs

Different Aspects Ltd Sedum Roofs And Green Roofs

Different Aspects Company Profile

Different Aspects Ltd grows, supplies and installs Edengro sedum products for green roofs. With more than 20 years experience in commercial horticultural, the team started to develop Edengro in 2008 as an attractive and affordable way to provide a living roof.

Green roofs are becoming more and more popular as people look for ways to improve their environment, but have sometimes been perceived as a complicated luxury. The Edengro tray system from Different Aspects aims to change this by simplifying the installation process.

The plants for Edengro products are carefully raised in Herefordshire using a light weight growing medium blended from 100% recycled materials. A total of 16 varieties of sedum are incorporated, to give all-year round colour and a range of textures. Edengro sedum matting will withstand all kinds of weather and bring beauty to roofs for years.

Installing a living roof on a garden structure or part of a home, school or office brings many green benefits. They provide an ideal habitat for many insects and attract birds. During heavy rain, the rate of water run-off is slowed, reducing the risk of flooding, and the substrate filters pollutants, improving the quality of the water reaching the ground. This can make it easier to comply with local regulations regarding storm water management.

There are also considerable insulation benefits, giving more comfortable temperatures in both summer and winter and reducing energy costs. Research has shown that green roofing holds roof temperature near to the mean air temperature in summer and lifts the roof temperature by 5 degrees in winter. Being non-reflective, green roofs do not contribute to the urban heat effect and as the plants release moisture into the atmosphere through evaporation, air quality is improved. Acoustic performance is also improved.

All these qualities mean that planning authorities often look favourably on schemes incorporating green roofs, aiding the application process. Financial benefits of a green roof include lower bills for winter heating and summer cooling; avoiding the costs of extra SUDs solutions and extended durability for the roof membrane, which is protected from UV damage.


Different Aspects sells its sedum living roof as Edengro Roof and Edengro Tray products. With both, a competitively priced installation service is available if required.

Edengro Roof

This matting option is suitable for many applications from garden borders right up to large commercial roofs. It can be used on flat roofs with a minimum fall of 1:60 and sloping roofs subject to specification. A mixture of 16 species of sedum that flower at different times of the year is grown in a thin layer of recycled green substrate on a needle punched recycled polyester fibre mat. The mat is laid on the Edengro Extensive substrate so the plants get established quickly. Edengro Roof is supplied in standards rolls of 2m x 1m and price depends on the size of the order.

Edengro Tray

For the roofs of sheds, gazebos and log stores, Edengro Trays are an ideal system that makes installation simple. Plastic trays with drainage holes are filled with composted green waste, composted bark, crushed recycled brick and recycled loam into which a mixture of 16 species of sedum is sown. The grown trays are placed on top of a root penetration barrier such as thick polythene. Twelve trays will cover a square metre of roof and the grown trays are supplied in packs to suit various sized shed roofs, with the price including delivery to mainland UK. The website shows the three simple steps needed to convert a roof using Edengro Trays.


If an installation service is required, the team of qualified horticulturalists will ensure the plants are handled properly and the roof correctly and efficiently installed. Different Aspects is happy to quote for various size of green roof at locations across the West Midlands and other areas of the UK.

Different Aspects aims for complete customer satisfaction and staff are available to give advice on any aspect of green roofs or sedum. Customers praising Different Aspects’ knowledge and professionalism include garden designers who have used Edengro in medal-winning exhibits at RHS shows. Further information and examples of beautiful green roof projects can be found on the Different Aspects website.

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