Green Roof

Green Roof

A Green Roof is a system of several layers on top of an existing roof or installed during construction on a new building. Each roof is different but the main layers consist of a waterproofing material, root repelling material, a drainage layer, filter cloth and growing media. The growing medium is a light weight, specially prepared mix that the plants will grow in. This material is mostly inorganic. It provides volume without the weight of soil. Most systems tie into existing stormwater infrastructure but there are systems atop several technologically advanced buildings which trap stormwater, filter it, and use it as irrigation or gray water within the building and its exterior.

LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Sustainability is the wave of the future and features such as Green Roofs, solar panel arrays, and environmentally friendly building materials are methods that can be used to gain LEED certification for your project. LEED is the practice of increasing the energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality and low impact design and development. MCS can help your project obtain points towards LEED certification by designing and installing a new Green Roof, or retrofitting your existing roof.

Benefits of a Green Roof

The benefits of a Green Roof are too numerous to list here. Social, financial and environmental benefits can all be found in a Green Roof but many of the most often sited are financial. It is true that there are several tax rebates and reimbursement programs available from both state and federal sources. MCS Inc. will work hand-in-hand with you and your business to be sure that the Green Roof you chose is both functional and fiscally responsible for your business. We will also work to be sure that all available rebates and incentive programs are taken advantage of so that you can be sure that you are getting everything available to you. By working with our trade partners we give warranties of up to 20 years for the roofing components. Weather is the most destructive force that a roof will endure. A Green Roof exposes plants and growing medium to the weather thereby protecting the roof deck from the harmful effects. This system allows Green Roofs to last much longer than traditional styles of roofing. A Green Roof can reduce your summer cooling needs by reducing the amount of heat gains. Any owner of a large building will tell you that a reduction in cooling needs is an increase in profits. There are many other financial benefits as well. Each roof is unique and the benefits of each system will always be explored before our clients begin work on their projects.

Green Roof

There are many benefits other than just financial reasons for installing a Green Roof. Functional, livable, peaceful space can be added to your building. Tenants will love sitting on a rooftop deck that is lush with flowers and plant life while living in the middle of a crowded city. The air will be cooler and the tranquility will allow them to relax after a long day of work or have fun entertaining on the weekends. The views from a rooftop oasis can be used as an additional selling point for your property. In conjunction with other sustainable building methods an entire condo project can be built with very little impact on the environment. Rooftop gardens can also be installed allowing tenants to grow produce for themselves and their local communities. They will feel good knowing where the food has come from and take pride in growing it themselves.

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