Green Roof Associates LLC, New York City

Green Roof Associates LLC, New York City

What is a Green Roof?

Green Roofs, or "Living roofs," extend existing roofs though high quality water proofing, root repellent and drainage systems, filter cloths, lightweight growing media and planting. Projects can vary in scope from light, low-maintenance grass and sedum roofs to full-fledged intensive gardens with trees and shrubs. Budget, weight, maintenance and irrigation restrictions determine the shaping of each project.

Benefits for Developers

Aside from improved aesthetics and quality of life, a green roof will provide any structure with greater energy efficiency, increased roofing membrane durability (up to 2 to 3 times greater), fire retardation, the reduction of electromagnetic radiation, noise reduction, and innovative marketing potential.

Benefits to Neighbors

Green roofs benefit the city as a whole through storm water management, moderation of urban heat island effect, improved air quality, new green amenity spaces, reduction in carbon monoxide impact, neutralization of acid rain, and the removal of nitrogen. These and other advantages account for current tax incentives and rebates offered by municipal government for the installation of new green roofs.

There are many benefits for green roof systems that affect the homeowner or tenant privately and also the public at large. Listed below are some of the specific benefits ranging from energy efficiency to improved livability.


Homeowners and developers understand that every square foot counts when considering the potential of your building. We believe that many unused rooftops have great potential for building owners and tenants. The development of your rooftop into usable space will unlock that potential. Green roofs, aside from all their environmental benefits, beautify a space. Our company believes that rooftops can offer a safe and beautiful environment for owners and tenants. Maximize your building’s potential! Find views of the City you never knew you had! And do it green!


A green roof is a super insulator. It provides two main functions for your building: First, it acts as an adequate building envelope, preventing heat loss. Heat loss occurs most at the top and bottom of your building. Cold air wants to come in at the bottom and warm air wants to escape out of the top. By integrating additional ridged foam insulation, a green roof prevents heat loss beyond conventional building standards. Adequate insulation on your roof lowers heating costs for all tenants. The second function affects cooling. Your rooftop acts as big reservoir of heat in the summer, and that heat conducts directly into the building. The plants used in a green roof not only absorb the sun’s energy, through evapotranspiration they actually wick the heat out of your building. In both summer and winter a green roof will help moderate the temperatures in your building, making it cheaper to heat and cool.


Green roofs will attract forward thinking renters, tenants and even buyers. Whether it is an eco-friendly business searching out your commercial space or a savvy renter, a green roof will distinguish your building in the marketplace allowing you to achieve its full income producing or resale potential.

Increasing the energy efficiency potential for your building raises its value by making it more cost efficient to run. A building with a green roof has lower maintenance costs. By increasing the efficiency of your building you have increased its value. Lower operating costs are a great way to realize your investment in a green roof, and are also a saleable point in the marketplace.

Prolong the life of your roof membrane. The two most harmful factors for your roof membrane are Ultra Violet rays and extreme changes in temperature. By absorbing the sun’s energy and moderating temperature, a green roof protects your roof membrane. Recent research has shown that through the protection of a green roof, membranes which usually last 10-15 years are now holding up 30-40 years. When considering the initial cost of a green roof it is important to recognize the potential for savings in the future.


Green Roof Associates LLC, New York City

Clean the Air

Air quality has emerged as a serious concern here in New York City. The City Government has responded with calls for new trees to be planted, parks expanded and the installation of green roofs. Plants affect air quality by trapping particulates and pollutants; filtering noxious gasses such as carbon monoxide and others omitted by automobiles and industry. The efficiency of plants as air purifiers is varied, but every plant helps.

Mitigate Storm Water Runoff

New York City, like so many other aging cities, has a problem with storm water. Because we have built so many impermeable surfaces with our roofs, roads and sidewalks, storm water must often runoff into our sewers. Unable to handle sudden and enormous swells the sewers overflow into our rivers. Extensive green roofs have been shown to reduce total runoff by 60%. They effectively reduce the instance of flooding, prevent untreated sewage leakage, and reduce the strain on a city’s infrastructure. (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Participant manual 2nd Edition 2007)

Counteract the Urban Heat Island Effect

The Urban Heat Island Effect is a temperature increase created by all of our building materials here in New York City. Surfaces like sidewalks and rooftops trap the sun’s energy and store it as heat. Alternatively, plants absorb the sun’s energy and cool the air through the processes of photosynthesis and evapotranspiration. Just Imagine driving out of the city on one of those sweltering days — as soon as you hit the Saw Mill Parkway, the temperature has dropped. A lack of vegetation in the city stifles the air and traps heat. While one green roof in a block will not be felt in a neighborhood, your building will notice its ability to moderate temperatures when heating and cooling. Having a sidewalk in front of your building alone does the community no good, but when all of the buildings have sidewalks they function as a system. Similarly, the more green surfaces and vegetation we bring into the city the greater the impact. Your building can be a part of the solution!

Beautify our Neighborhoods

Green roofs offer designers opportunities for truly amazing landscaping. Water fixtures that employ rain collection, pergolas with solar panels, living walls, ornamental trees; the sky is literally our limit on the rooftop. Green roofs afford the opportunity for beautiful living architecture.

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