Green Roof Awards 2007 (GardenDesignOnline)

Green Roof Awards 2007 (GardenDesignOnline)

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Green Roof Awards 2007

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities has announced its award-winning green roof designs for 2007, as the construction of these kinds of projects nationwide continues to grow at a very rapid pace.

The Feldman Residence in Carmel, California, pictured here, won the top residential award for an extensive green roof, i.e. a low-maintenance roof planted with drought-tolerant plants that survive on rainwater. The residence is located in the 20,000-acre Santa Lucia Preserve. It was designed by Feldman Architecture of San Francisco as an example of sustainable Mediterranean Modernism.

Landscape architect Loretta Gargan, working with Blasen Landscape Architecture of Sausalito, CA, designed the outdoor areas, and the green roofs (there are three) were designed by Rana Creek. an ecological design firm in Carmel Valley, CA.

Three small buildings are built into a hillside, and the hill is integrated into the green roof of each one. It’s hard to tell where the hill stops and the green roofs begin. Gargan chose native plants for use throughout the landscape, including Iris douglasiana, Symphocarpus albus (Common Snowberry), Calamagrostis foliosa (Leafy Reed Grass), Mimulus (Monkey Flower) ‘Jelly Bean White,’ and Ceanothus (California Lilac). Beyond the patio, a native meadow connects the new landscape to its existing surroundings. Hillsides were planted with oaks to screen the road, seeded with wildflowers for seasonal interest, and clumps of Muhlenbergia rigens (Deer Grass) define the pathways. In addition, Gargan surrounded the spa area with Festuca californica (California Fescue) to evoke cascading water, and just off the kitchen, she added a small potted garden with herbs, edible flowers, and citrus.

If that were not enough, the insulation provided by the green roofs reduces the Feldmans’ energy consumption by up to 30 percent in the summer, and sound is reduced by 43 decibels.

(photos: top: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and Rana Creek; bottom: Loretta Gargan)

In downtown Portland, Oregon, an apartment building with 242 units — The Louisa — won the award for a residential intensive green roof, i.e. a roof with a greater soil depth and more elaborate plantings that require maintenance and irrigation.

The roof gardens, designed by Walker Macy Landscape Architects of Portland, are 100 percent accessible and allow room for residents to have outdoor parties and barbeques. The growing depth for plantings is 12-24 inches, and the plants are drought-tolerant and native to the region.

The a ward for an intensive industrial/commercial green roof went to the 6th floor podium of the ABN AMRO Plaza building in Chicago. The landscape architect was Christy Webber Landscapes of Chicago. The roof is half green roof and half pavers, and plantings include trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers and annuals in planters of various heights.

Green Roof Awards 2007 (GardenDesignOnline)

The project covers nearly 75 thousand square feet, at a cost of approximately $100/square foot.

This project adds to Chicago’s status as the city with more green roofs than any other. According to Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Chicago now has over one million square feet of green roofs completed, and another two million in development.

For a complete list of all this year’s winners, visit the Green Roofs website —

(photos: top: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and Walker Macy Landscape

bottom: Green Roofs and Barrett Company, Millington, NJ)

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