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Green Roof Systems – Sika Sarnafil - Sweets


The Recognized Leader in Long-term Green Roof Solutions

Greenroofs are one of the most exciting developments in sustainable building design. Sometimes called vegetated roofs, eco roofs, or living roofs, green roofs offer a number of sustainable advantages on an otherwise empty, unused space.

Depending on load capabilities and other application-driven requirements, green roofs can be planted with herbs, grasses, flowers, even trees, in an exciting variety of colors, textures, scents and heights. Patios and walkways can become a useable part of the roof environment. Today it’s clear: vegetated roofs offer many social, environmental and economic benefits.

Key environmental benefits:

  • Reduce storm water run-off which, in turn, reduces the stress on urban sewer systems and decreases run-off related pollution of natural waterways
  • Insulating qualities mean reduced energy costs for building owners
  • Air quality improvement – lower rooftop temperatures mean less smog from the “urban heat island effect”
  • Noise pollution reduction – studies show noise levels in a building can be reduced by as much as 40 decibels
  • Extended life of the roof system due to moderated temperature swings that cause a roof system to expand and contract as well as protection from everyday wear and tear.

Each of our waterproofing systems for green roofs integrates individual components into its design, including geotextiles, thermal insulation, drainage and protection layers, expansion joints and Sarnafil reinforced thermoplastic membrane and flashings.

  • Grid System – loose laid with containment grid

Grid System offers the highest degree of waterproofing protection. Libraries, hospitals, museums and many other important buildings use Sarnafil’s Grid System to protect their valuables. What makes this system unique is its containment grid. Membrane strips are fully adhered to the substrate and arranged in a grid pattern. The thermoplastic waterproofing membrane is loose-laid on a leveling layer over the substrate and welded to the containment grid strip.

An optional control test drain assembly is available to help the building owner diagnostically ensure the integrity of the completed waterproofing system before and after the installation of the overburden. The test drain provides the means to effectively identify the location of water entry, restrict the migration of moisture from one grid area to another, and most importantly, minimize the amount of overburden to be removed if leakage were to occur after installation.

Green Roof Systems – Sika Sarnafil - Sweets
  • Self-Adhered System

The Self-Adhered waterproofing system provides building owners with added waterproofing security by having the waterproofing membrane bonded directly to the structural concrete deck while increasing installation productivity for waterproofing contractors.

This system is an excellent choice for intensive and extensive green roofs and plaza decks receiving landscaping, pavers or concrete overburden. It can also be used in split slab parking decks, planters, tunnels, balconies and terrace applications

  • Loose-Laid System

Loose-Laid System is the most cost-effective waterproofing solution for recovering existing building structures. It is ideally suited for renovations of existing plaza decks, particularly where surface coatings have been applied. It is also ideal for waterproofing foundation slabs. The loose laid system separates the waterproofing membrane from substrate irregularities, minimizing expensive surface preparation.

Technical Support

Sarnafil provides design professionals, building owners and Sarnafil authorized applicators with superior field and in-house technical support. Sarnafil Regional technical managers, field technicians, in-house technical staff and sales representatives are available to visit your office and the project site as needed. Sarnafil can assist with system recommendations and design and specification review. Sarnafil provides technical support to the authorized applicator at project start-up and throughout construction as needed.

Design professionals can select the right system for the right application. Each system integrates individual components including geotextiles, thermal insulation, drainage and protection layers, expansion joints, and Sarnafil’s thermoplastic membrane and flashings into specific engineered waterproofing assemblies. Sarnafil offers the best waterproofing solutions to address the various needs of the project including building design, substrate conditions, climate budget and environment whether it be for vegetated roofs, green roofs or more.

For more in-depth information about each system and to review the specification guidelines, see each system listed individually from the Sarnafil home page on or go to

The guideline specification for the Self-adhered Green Roof System can be found under 3-part Spec on the left hand column.

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