Green Roofs – Commercial Roofing Made Eco Friendly

Green Roofs – Commercial Roofing Made Eco Friendly

The concept of green roofing has evolved from the ‘Go-Green’ approach, and this innovative roofing material is now used for both commercial and residential purposes. Green roofing is also known as the ‘Living Roof’, and we have seen the practice of using green rooftops in different places. Having this form of roofing doesn’t only mean having a green coat on the rooftop of any building with plants and vegetables, but also rooftop gardens, meadows, and parks have also been known as green roofs. Impenetrable and hard roofing materials are commonly used for green roofs. The roofing membrane and insulation is installed immediately after the structural support of any roof. People who are interested to come up with a green roof need to install a roof barrier on top of this roofing membrane and installation. Proper drainage system, aeration, and water storage must need to install on top of the roof barrier in order to construct the frame of a green roof. The growing medium (soil) is placed on top of these layers and people have planted vegetables and green plants over that medium.

Level Of Difficulty in Application

Developing green roofs is difficult at some points, but you can enjoy the benefits of green roofing in the long run. The initial development of eco-friendly roof will initially see you invest a handsome amount, and regular maintenance is a must for any green roof. Extensive green roofs will bring extra pressure with ten to fifteen pounds on per square foot area of the roof. Some precautionary steps must have taken before you are going to start developing your own green roof. Advises and suggestions from experts can help you get the feasibility of developing green roof on top of any building. Developing green roof is not that much difficult other than these issues. Green roofs are very common and regular roofing culture, and you will find different companies in order to get assistance for your green roofing purpose. Different real estate companies are even bringing the concept of green roof with both their commercial and residential buildings.

Why they Are Popular

Green roofing is popular for different reasons and eco-friendliness is one of the key reasons among those. Green roof can help to keep the temperature of any building lower than usual roofs. Vegetables and plants of the green roofs will work as the heat insulator, and this will work greatly on lowering the temperature of any building. Besides heat, green roofing also works as an excellent sound insulator and helps you to stay free from excessive noise. The initial developing cost of the green roof is higher than normal roofs, but green roofs will ensure longevity of the roof in question. In the long run, green roofing is a cost effective roofing approach as it also reduces water runoff and filters water runoff which is a great advantage for you. Plants and vegetables of green roofs also absorb the harmful gases in nature, and this will help you to live in a healthy environment. Green rooftops are also meant to protect the core structure of any roof from hail storm and other damages. Moreover, green roofing has brought a relaxing and magnificent look and feel to your commercial roof. These are the reasons which have made green roof materials so popular among many people.

Are They Good For Commercial Applications?

This type of commercial roofing has several options for its applications. Commercial buildings need more maintenance than residential buildings, and green roofing can take care of these maintenance purposes. The concept of green roofs can be applied in theaters, stadiums, pool sides, and such places for the purpose of public beautification. Green roofs can also be used for floor elevation purposes, as well. Green roofs are good for commercial applications, and experts are trying to find newer commercial applications of green roof.  McBride Roofing and Restoration can assist your commercial green roofing initiatives by simply contacting them today.

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