Green Sedum Roof Green Sedum Roof Systems Wallbarn

Green Sedum Roof Green Sedum Roof Systems Wallbarn

A green sedum roof offers the ideal solution for any area onto which you would like to install a green roofing system .

Wallbarn has created its very own green sedum roof system called the M-Tray. The M-TRAY is a ready-grown, fully established sedum, sedum-and-wildflower or wildflower-only green roof loaded into a portable tray, for easier installation of green roofs.

Wallbarn supplies green roof systems with soil substrates up to and over 1 metre deep.

Achievable Unlimited Planting

All the growing, filtration and drainage elements are included in the system and the shape of the modules means that each one is simply laid onto the deck and clipped to the next module to create one seamless, fully established green roof.

So long as the structure can support the weight, almost unlimited planting and landscaping can be achieved, including large shrubs, grassland, flowerbeds and even trees.

Simple Installation

A major advantage of the M-TRAY system is the “clip on” nature of installation. The fuss, time and skill required to install drainage layers one-by-one, to the correct level and in the correct order is removed as it comes in a complete kit.

Considerable Benefits Available

The installation of a green sedum roof offers a considerable range of benefits. With the increased soil levels and intricate planting, natural gardens and parkland can be recreated on rooftop level, meaning:

  • More diverse vegetation will attract insects in far higher numbers, in turn increasing the level of birdlife in the roof garden.
  • Dust and polluting particles will be absorbed – as much as 0.5 kg of particles per m2 at high substrate levels.
  • Up to 80% of water can be absorbed by the plants and drainage layers where the substrate is 900mm deep. Intensive green roofs also slow down the run-off during the initial deluge by up to 12 hours
  • Insulation properties become much more relevant and economical on intensive roofs. They have been proven to increase the thermal insulation by up to 30% in terms of keeping buildings cool in summer. They have been shown to cool down ambient temperatures by up to 2°C in high density urban areas. Wet roofs will cool buildings even further.
  • Sound insulation can reduce noise by up to 40 decibels in certain applications.
  • Lush, luxurious roof gardens have been proven to increase the value and accelerate the take-up of buildings when offered on the market. They pay for themselves medium term.
  • The footprint of the building is being optimised. No more wasted space in densely populated areas intensive green roofs are much more expensive to install and will require far more maintenance, leading to higher and long term running costs. It should always be remembered that these are gardens and should be treated as such.  

Effective Filtration

As well as the weight of the soil, the higher nutrient level required to sustain vegetation such as trees will need to be effectively filtered before water run- off to prevent “brown water” presenting an unattractive sight in any water recycling systems.

Bespoke planting schemes can be designed to attract certain wildlife, flower at particular times of the year or to match up with ground level vegetation or surrounding areas.

The maintenance of sedum green roofs is minimal.  It is possible that just 1 or 2 visits by an appropriate labour force may be needed in the first year just to check on any plants they may need replacing or applying any nutrients in the green roof system.

Please contact our sales office for further information.

Further Information

If you would like to speak to someone directly or would like some further information regarding our range of services and green sedum roof products, please don’t hesitate to contact us on either Tel. No. 0208 916 2222 or visit our Facebook  page and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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