Green Walls and Living Roofs The Green Connoisseur

Green Walls and Living Roofs The Green Connoisseur

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Taking Sustainable Landscaping to New Heights

The latest trends in sustainable landscape design have the ability to be elegantly luxurious and vibrant, without placing a strain on natural resources and the environment.  From urban townhomes to country estates, green roofs and living walls are a lively and eco-friendly accent to your landscaping.

Green Roofs and Walls Explained

Green walls and living roofs both utilize the same basic landscaping concept – turning existing, otherwise unused space into a flourishing and thriving planting area.  Both sustainable landscaping techniques require a supporting structure, along with an irrigation and drainage system.

Curved and slightly pitched roofs are ideal for green roof design, but any type of roof can support a variety of vegetation.  If your roof wasn’t designed with a green roof in mind, it should be checked to determine if additional reinforcement is required before installing the system.  Extensive roofs are most common and typically feature a variety of low-growing shrubs called sedums.  An intensive green roof works best on flat roofs and may include vegetable, flower, or herb gardens, small trees, and other species generally found in ground-level landscape designs.

Living roofs can be installed on practically any vertical surface, inside or out.  These gardens may feature greenery, vegetables, colorful flowers, or creeping vines and are generally installed in a series of pre-vegetated panels.  Green walls can be functional as well as artistic – a number of companies are adopting the technique to display logos on their city office buildings, while urban residential structures may support create butterfly gardens, community vegetable gardens, or creative accents with green wall landscaping.

Benefits of Green Roofs and Walls

These sustainable landscaping techniques are more than creative ways to beautify your home; they hold an assortment of environmental benefits.  From protecting structures to encouraging native wildlife, the eco-friendly aspects of green roofs and living walls are unsurpassed.

Green Walls and Living Roofs The Green Connoisseur

Green roofs block the harmful effects of UV rays and acid rain to prolong the life of your roof.  Both green walls and roofs work to cool your home naturally, reducing electrical needs for cooling, and also minimize storm water runoff.  Especially in the city, these eco-friendly landscape designs naturally sequester carbon and clean the air of toxins to improve community health.  Green roofs and walls can also provide safe breeding areas for birds, insects, and reptiles that may otherwise become extinct with modern development.

Green Roof and Living Wall Design and Installation

Because of the intensive planning that goes into green roof and wall design, it is best to hire a landscaper that specializes in these techniques.  The number of contractors available for this type of landscaping is continuously growing.  A few options to consider include:

Roofscapes, Inc. – Based in Pennsylvania, Roofscapes offers customized green roof designs and works with a national network of professionals to design and install the best system for your home or business structure.

ELT Easy Green Providing homeowners and businesses with a sustainable landscaping option since 2003, ELT designs complete green wall and roof systems for clients around the world.  Contact ELT to find a qualified installer or designer in your area.

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