Guest Blogger 10 Benefits of Green Roofing your Home

Guest Blogger 10 Benefits of Green Roofing your Home

Guest Blogger #519, Entry #1173, May 14, 2012

Green roofing represents an excellent way to contribute to the environment, while also having extensive individual benefits for your property and a surrounding area. Green roofs consist of an area that is either completely or partially covered by vegetation, which then acts as a self sustaining eco system. Different types of green roofs are available, from intensive roofs that almost completely cover a space, through to semi intensive and partial roof coverings. Some of the key benefits of green roofs include their ability to improve property insulation, as well as their water storage and heat reduction features, and their general longevity. The details of these benefits can be found below.

1 Better Insulation and Less Emissions

A green roof provides much more comprehensive insulation for a roof, and reduces the amount of energy lost through natural convection. In this way, a green roof is better at restricting the amount of harmful CO2 released into the atmosphere.

2 Self Contained Eco Systems

A functional green roof can act as a self contained eco system for plant and wildlife. Able to provide an alternative to wildlife adaptation in built up urban areas, a green roof can be managed to allow for natural plant and wildlife cycles.

3 Water Storage and Run Offs

The vegetation that comprises a green roof can be used to soak up water and provide more efficient run offs. In this way, the amount of water that is normally lost through concrete or brick evaporation can be absorbed and processed by plants into gas.

Save energy, water, and keep your home cooler

4 Waterproofing

As well as storing water, green roofs also act as an excellent way of waterproofing a property. Leaks and cracks in a roof that might lead to gradual fragmentation can be replaced by more natural absorption and run offs, which will reduce long term repair costs.

5 Reduces Urban Heat

Green roofs provide solution to the problem of urban heat. Built up heat in an urban area can translate into damaging gases and smog. By absorbing heat and producing oxygen through vegetation, a green roof can help to produce more rainwater and general atmospheric moisture.

6 Durable Life Spans

Green roofs tend to last much longer than conventional roofs. Their water and heat absorption rates mean that they are able to withstand direct sunlight and rainwater in more organic ways that manmade materials.

7 Energy Efficiency

A properly maintained green roof will be highly energy efficient. Less heat will be lost through the roof due to cracks and natural convection, meaning that significant energy savings can be made.

Guest Blogger 10 Benefits of Green Roofing your Home

8 Filters Gases

The natural processes enabled by a high level of vegetation means that potentially noxious gases can be reduced in the area around a green roof.

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9 Reduces Noise

Vegetation acts as an excellent natural insulator for noise. The more a roof area is covered, the better the reduction will be for a property.

10 Improves Aesthetics

A green roof can be one of the most striking sights within an urban skyline. As biodiverse sights, green roofs also add colour and attract wildlife to a building in a safe and eco friendly way.

Currently writing for roofing solutions company Bauder, Matt Mynors is a freelance copywriter writing on environmental issues and topics such as green roofing and product recycling.

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