Houston Home RepairsQuality Roof Repair Houston Services

Houston Home RepairsQuality Roof Repair Houston Services

Commercial and Residential Roofing

Furnishings, ceilings, and walls are among the areas in your house that gets damaged by a leaky roof. To be able to protect buildings and houses from water damage, with the help of our roofing experts, we install roofs that are made or asphalt and gravel or even tar, thermoplastic or rubber, shingles, or even metals. As an expert in roof repair Houston, we can simply repair and ref roof that replaces old roofs on existing establishments.

Steep slope and low slope are the two types of roofing. The steep slope type of roofing are usually covered with shingles and higher than 4 inches per horizontal foot. The low slope is installed in various layers and higher than 4 inches per horizontal foot or less. Establishments with low slope ropes are industrial, commercial and apartments. On the other hand, houses are the ones with steep slope roofs. Both types of roofing can be taken cared by our roofing experts. Various layers of material cover most low slope roofs. A layer of insulation is placed by our roof experts on the roof deck. A tar like substance, which is a coat of molten bitumen, is spread over the insulation. Next would be installing layers that are partially overlapping roofing felta, which is a bitumen saturated fabric over the surface. To spread hot bitumen over the felt prior to placing another layer of felt, our roof experts make use of a mop. This method locks the seams and makes the surface watertight.  To achieve the desired number of layers called plies, the method is done for several times. To create smooth finish or have gravel embedded in the hot bitumen, the top layer is glazed, and thus making a rough surface

Installing Roof in Houston

A lot of low slope roofs are layered with a single-ply sheath of a rubber that is water proof or thermoplastic compounds. Over the roof insulation, our roof experts roll over the sheets and seal the seams. The one that holds the sheets in place are mechanical fasteners, adhesives, and stone ballast. We always make sure that the establishment is strong enough to secure the stone ballast in place.

There are several factors to consider if you are planning to use a green roof for your house or any establishment that must fit your budget and meet your needs. with its environmental benefits, a solution can be provided to a number of problems, such as decreasing air pollution, managing storm water, decreasing the level of hot air that covers city skylines, improving quality of air, and reducing noise pollution. If there are a lot of buildings and houses with green roofs, microclimate that can bring cool climate to the city will be created through respiring plants.

To protect the building from leaks, green roof has an insulation layer that is comprised of a waterproof membrane. The root barrier is placed to avoid roots from penetrating the water proof sheath, lightweight gravel made drainage layer, plastic or clay, a geotextile filter mat that lets water soak in but avoids breaking down of soil particles that are fine. Green roofs decrease the cost on energy and upkeep of roof, which is why a lot of industrial companies or even residential establishments build this kind of roof. Green roofs secure and insulate buildings from very harsh weather conditions and radiation from ultra violet rays, thus decreasing the consumption of energy and increase the roofs durability. The therapeutic value it brings to health facilities and hospitals is another known benefit from green roof.

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