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Industry RoofShop

The Green Roof Tile Company has been selected to take part in an exhibition demonstrating the very best of British manufacturing this summer.

Beating competition from hundreds of UK companies, the Green Roof Tile Company based inTelfordwill feature in the Governments Make it in Great Britain exhibition at the Science Museum during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

There the Green Roof Tile Company will showcase their latest manufacturing products and educate visitors about the value of manufacturing to UK business.

The exhibition is the culmination of the Make it in Great Britain campaign — an initiative launched last year by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which aims to challenge outdated opinions and transform the image of modern manufacturing.

The demand for sustainable building products worldwide continues to grow and the Green Roof Tile Company have developed and manufacture a unique, lightweight, interlocking roof tile called Envirotile. The Envirotile is manufactured using 70% re-processed polymers such as plastic bottles so reducing landfill and provides the building industry with a building product which can be recycled.

Each Envirotile weighs 730g so not only making it very easy to lift onto roofs as each tile is 80% lighter than traditional concrete tiles, but also transportation costs are reduced. Envirotile can also be made in any colour.

As each tile is secured in place with the surrounding tiles by 8 separate innovative fixings making the tiles near impossible to dislodge. Envirotile can withstand 110mph driven rain with no loss of integrity, dislodgement or breakages; in fact when Envirotile was tested at the Building Research Establishment the inspectors remarked that the Envirotile was the best roof tile system they had ever tested.

Envirotile is already being used on homes, conservatories and agricultural buildings in the UK and gaining growing interest from countries worldwide.

Trevor Wakefield the inventor of the Envirotilecommented:

We are delighted that we are going to be a part of the Make it in Great Britain exhibition, and feel very proud to be representing the manufacturing industry. This summer will be one of the most exciting that Britain has seen in a long time, and so to be involved in this exhibition when all eyes will be on the UK is a wonderful thing.

We are looking forward to helping to show the general public what the manufacturing industry is really all about, and we hope that lots of people will come to the exhibition to support us.

The opportunity to showcase in the exhibition was open to manufacturing companies nationwide, with organisers keen to raise awareness about the dynamic, advanced and innovative industry that exists in the UK today.

Business Minister Mark Prisk said:

Manufacturing accounts for 8 per cent of total UK employment and well over half of export goods, yet current perceptions of the industry are out of date and do not reflect that reality. We have selected a really exciting mix of exhibits, and I hope that as many people as possible visit the exhibition and see all of the great examples of British design and manufacturing it will be spectacular.

Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum commented:

Were incredibly excited to be hosting the Make it in Great Britain exhibition this summer. The Science Museum and its world leading collections demonstrate some of the greatest engineering achievements of the last 200 years. We hope that as many people as possible visit the exhibition, and see at first-hand how innovation in British manufacturing is still thriving today.

The exhibition will be open from 24 July to 9 September, and is free to visit .

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) issued the following warning in February 2012:

Industry RoofShop

It has come to our attention that some Brazilian Slates are delaminating on several large roofs and in all probability the roofs in question may well have to be stripped and re-slated. The cause is thought to be that some quarries are producing slates from rock which is not appropriate for splitting into roof slates. The problem seems to be restricted to the grey colour and doesnt involve the green slates.

Poor quality slates which end up being specified because they are cheap, can often lead to problems later in the contract, with the roofing contractor picking up the bill for putting things right when the slates fail. Members are advised to check carefully before specifying any slates which do not have a proven track record and ensure they are sourced through a reputable supplier or merchant. Members are reminded that the quality of all natural slates can vary tremendously, and it is strongly recommended that they are always sourced via an NFRC Associate Member.

SIG Roofing Supplies is an associate member of NFRC, and while we do supply Brazilian slate to order, we would strongly recommend that anyone considering using significant volumes to discuss their requirements with their SIGA Slate representative to ensure that they are using the right slate for the job. Due to recent increases in the cost of Brazilian grey/ graphite slate, Spanish SIGA slate can provide a competitive and high quality alternative in a great many cases. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The NHBC have further revised their roofing guidelines, known as Chapter 7.2, which will be enforced on all properties with foundations concreted on or after 1 st January 2012. The following changes, now in force, will be of interest to slating:

  • Mortar mixes- where mortared hips, ridges or valleys are necessary, a specific mix is to be used. Alternatively, an approved factory-mixed bagged mortar can be used. We recommend Remix Roof Tile Bedding Mortar- please contact your Roofshop branch for more information.
  • All bedded hip and ridge tiles must ALSO be mechanically fixed. The time has never been better to explore the range of dry-fix kits available to speed up roofing, without the need for wet trades.
  • Graded batten- Fully factory-graded batten must now be used on NHBC sites. We recommend John Brash Red or SR Timber Premium Gold; instantly recognisable from their colour, they eliminate the risks inherent in inferior grades of batten and wasted time on the job.

For further information, please contact your SIGA Slate representative or an NFRC member.

Visit SIGA Slate website here

Find your nearest NFRC member here

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