Knoxville womans new roof still leaks

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KNOXVILLE (WATE) — A Knoxville woman still has leaks showing on her ceiling despite paying thousands of dollars to have a new roof installed and then patched.

Storms this spring and summer damaged so many roofs in East Tennessee that many companies rushed their work in order to move on to the next job.

One of those hurry-up jobs was in North Knoxville at Amy Rowlings house.

When 6 On Your Side visited, Amy pointed to a stain on her living room ceiling. She says its the result of a leaky roof. The stain was outlined by her insurance adjuster.

The ceiling is also damaged in her front room study, and she says the stains and discolorations have spread since her hail-damaged roof was replaced in August.

"Its gotten worse since the roof was fixed," Amy said.

She hired R&G Construction after a salesman came to her front door. "Beginning in August, they came out and put on a whole new roof," she said.

Amys insurance company cut a check in July for $5,200 to R&G to replace the roof. "It did stop, so the leak did stop at that point," she said. ""And then it started leaking again. I thought thats not right."

R&G returned and patched her new roof. "So then I thought it was fixed," Amy said. "We had a drought all those weeks. Then on Labor Day, it started to do it again. Thats when they came out and tarped it."

Disappointed, Amy hired, at her expense, professional engineer Ron Corum to examine the roof. She asked him to determine why the new roof was leaking.

"This right here is loose," Corum said as he checked the roof. "Youve got crimped pieces of flashing here. Thats a hole that goes into the attic, completely accessible."

Bob Moore, a colleague of Corums, showed us how the shingles were installed improperly. "The shingle should come over about half an inch to an inch. When the shingle is over where its supposed to be, blowing rain wont blow underneath it."

As Corum walked across the roof, he noticed spongy spots indicating something is wrong under it.

In the attic, you can see the problem as you look up at the roof. The roofers apparently didnt make the proper repairs.

"You cant put an OSB (oriented strand board) in for one rafter, in between rafters. Its got to be a whole sheet," Moore said.

Corums assessment is to the point. "Youve got people who didnt know what they were doing."

R&G Construction and Roofing provides service to Houston, Texas and the surrounding area.

Knoxville womans new roof still leaks

The companys corporate office is in Texas, but the manager of the local branch in Kodak, Tennessee says the subcontractor the company used to repair Amys roof didnt do quality work. Its unacceptable, he said.

R&Gs local manager, Richard Hernandez, didnt want to speak on camera, but said the company will take Corums information and file a claim against the subcontractors insurance company.

If Amy gives her approval, Hernandez also said R&G will install another new roof.

"I want to trust theyre going to do a good job," Amy said. "I hope and I want to believe it is all going to go well."

But shes undecided and still upset that the company didnt fix her roof properly the first time or second time so the tarp will remain for a while longer.

Admitting she knew little about roofing, Amy Rowling says shes learned a lot since the roof to her house first leaked in the spring.

She says to insist that the roofing supervisor goes over the finished product with you.

If you have to, go into the attic with the supervisor to check the results of the work.

Insist on a written guarantee. R&G Roofing does guarantee its work.

If you have a consumer issue, call the 6 On Your Side Hotline at (865) 633-5974.

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