LiveRoof® China, In — Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

LiveRoof® China, In - Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

The World’s only Patented Hybrid Green Roof Solution now available to address China’s air quality issues. we need your help!

C hina is on the verge of a Green Roof Revolution! Li veRoof® China, Inc. was formed to be the product leader and go to provider in this movement.

LiveRoof® brand is the proven green roof solution with millions of square feet installed in the USA and Canada since 2007.

LiveRoof® China needs your help to achieve our goals and "kick-start" this effort! We expect to begin manufacturing, growing & installing these systems throughout China, beginning June 2014.

We aspire to positively impact the air quality in China and our planet at large. Please check-out our rewards, some of the most generous here on fundable, and make a contribution today; every dollar counts.

THE NEED. Air pollution is at an epidemic level in many cities across China including the capital city of Beijing. China’s Government is acting by spending Billions of Dollars implementing New ECO Technologies and Green Solutions. They are also requiring private sector compliance on a scale that has never been seen before.

FACT: The Beijing, China Government has mandated and will require all new building’s over 12 stories tall to have a green roof installed as a measure to combat the growing air pollution problem.

Your assistance will help us bring this American technology to address this major environmental & social issue — toxic air quality — in China.

FACT: We have the proven green roof solution along with the correct Chinese Government Partners and customers in place.

FACT: Beijing will spend 275 billion dollars to address its air quality issues in the next 5 years. The toxicity of China’s air is a recognized major health problem for its people; we have a very real — & beautiful! — solution in LiveRoof

FACT: LiveRoof® brand is an easy & afforable system that is PROVEN, with millions of square feet installed in the USA and Canada.

Coverage of suitable roof space in China with the patented LiveRoof® system would substantially improve the urban environmental air quality, with positive, reverberating effects on human health.

Under this scenario air particle pollution could be reduced by as much as 880,000 kilograms every year, equivalent to taking almost 1,000,000 cars off the road. The roofs could reduce storm water by 3.5 million cubic meters during large rain events, equivalent to filling the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square with two meters of water or 1,400 Olympic swimming pools.

Air quality good day Air quality bad day

In addition the average summer temperature in Beijing would be reduced by 0.32°C, with greater reductions during peak hours. Finally over half of the green roof area would see a significant increase in insulation leading to lower energy use for heating and cooling.

It is not cost-effective, nor environmentally sound, to export the LiveRoof® recycled plastic components from the USA to China on a large scale. so lets make them in China where the air quality issues are greatest!

LiveRoof® brand is the leader in green roof technologies and boasts a network of 23 independent LiveRoof® growers across the USA and Canada.

LiveRoof® China is the Exclusive Licensee and Distributor of the patented LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

The Chinese green roof market is a multiple of the USA and Canada green roof markets by virtue of the number of buildings and by the Government’s need to identify real solutions to its air quality and lack of urban green space.

Participation in this rewards program will help us accelerate the manufacturing and launch date of LiveRoof® China.

Check Out the link below to Wall St. Journals Market Watch on our efforts.

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