Mold inside wall — Pest Control Answers, Treatments and Solutions

Mold inside wall - Pest Control Answers, Treatments and Solutions

Read your online article on mold control. I appreciate your in depth discussion of the subject.

I have some mold inside my walls (45 year old tract house) in a couple of spots: behind the kitchen sink (worst case), between the bathrooms, and some in the north outside wall (minor).

Can Mold Blaster and Boracare be mixed? Will one or the other cover most possible infestations?

I expect to address this stuff in the next six months or so. I haven't watched your video as my home computer is down and I can't take the time at work; also, I have no audio at work.

Thanks, L.S.

Laguna Niguel, California

If you go back to our article, you'll see the last section deals with MOLD CONTROL IN WALL VOIDS pretty well. In that section you'll learn there is no need to use both products. In general, the MOLD BLASTER would be applied to areas with nothing much but surface mold due to moisture sources coming from outside the void. Alternatively, if you're not able to control the moisture and you have wood inside the wall you're concerned about getting damaged, use the BORACARE . Since both will kill mold the only major difference between them is that the Boracare lasts a lot longer and will effectively protect the wood structure; Boracare will last 5 yrs or more in a wall void where as the Mold Blaster is gone within a week of applying it. Most importantly, you won't be getting any protection of the wood with just the Mold Blaster.

Mold inside wall - Pest Control Answers, Treatments and Solutions

An example of why you'd use one or the other would be the following scenario: Lets say you had a roof leak which lead to water getting inside your wall. This leak wasn't easy to see and only after it leaked for a month or two did you note any damage in the living area. Upon repairing the wall board you then found mold inside the void. At that point you realized there was a leak above and ultimately it was traced to the roof. The leak was then fixed which means there won't be an ongoing supply of moisture to the area. In this case using the Mold Blaster would be adequate. It would kill the mold, the wall could be sealed back up again and the problem would be resolved.

Lets use the same scenario but in this example lets change the source of leak. Let's say upon discovering the wall getting damaged you opened it up, found mold but no real source of moisture. After careful inspection, it was determined the air space would always be a threat to mold due to poor air circulation in the home or some other reason that could not be controlled. In this case the Boracare would clearly be the way to go. It would both kill the existing mold and last 5 years or more in the wall providing long term protection for all the wood inside the space. This would save the structure from getting any important damage and obviously would be a more substantial treatment. Additionally, if you felt there could be more mold growing in adjacent voids around the room,  you could treat them by using the FOAM TOOL APPLICATOR This tool could be used to inject the Boracare without having to open up the walls and enable you to treat a large area without a large mess.

So in summary, the Mold Blaster costs a lot less than Boracare because it's not nearly as complete of a product. And based on this difference, you should choose one or the other for the spaces you described above. Since you didn't mention the source of the moisture, it's unclear if the mold will be a threat to return but if it is, go with the Boracare so you won't have to treat again and again.

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