Repair Charlotte Roofing A Plus Roofing

Repair Charlotte Roofing A Plus Roofing

Residential Charlotte Roof Repair | Residential Storm Damage Roof Repair Charlotte

Need a Charlotte Roof Repair? When a storm damages your home contact A Plus Roofing & Construction for an experience you can trust!

Storms are hitting the area with greater intensity and leaving more damage. You may think your roof avoided injury, but severe storm after storm can deteriorate the materials. Without up close inspection, roof damage can be difficult to identify. The most notable one is hail because it is capable of chipping away roof shingles. Left unrepaired, the damage can become more serious and harm your home with leaks, mildew, and mold. Dont let this serious damage occur in your home. Contact A Plus Roofing & Construction  for your Charlotte roof repair.

Damage to your roof is notorious for being a costly repair. First, you must be able to recognize the potential causes of damage.

Poor Maintenance. Failure to regularly inspect your roof for obvious problems can lead to bigger issues. Most serious roof repair in Charlotte are avoidable by monitoring shingles, flashing, and other materials. Lack of gutter maintenance is a common error, which can cause water buildup or unnecessary weight to your roof.

Storm Damage. Wind and hail are the two reputable culprits for damaging your roof. Wind can loosen nails or send debris flying into your home loosening the materials. Hail chips away at the asphalt shingles and creates soft spots. Snow or sleet buildup applies extensive weight to the roof causing leaks or structural damage.

Repair Charlotte Roofing A Plus Roofing

Troubles with Flashing. The sole purpose of flashing is to waterproof all parts of the roofing materials in correlation to the house. Problems with flashing can bring problematic leaks or water buildup in your home. Routine inspection of the flashing can avoid serious water damage to your house.

Any of these causes can be revealed through a storm. Luckily, if your Charlotte roof repair needs are due to storm damage, insurance is likely to cover the costs. Once the storm has passed and you are certain of damages, contact your insurance company immediately. They will assess the damage, estimate costs, and provide a coverage plan. With this information, contact your Charlotte roof repair company. If serious, damage occurs, causing major leaks or destruction. A Plus Roofing & Construction has a 24-hour emergency service, so we are always available to protect your home. Our contractors provide every client with an honest estimate and high-quality work. The experienced workers do not take any short cuts and ensure every job exceeds industry standards.

Every storm damage case is different, which is the reason why we treat each one individually. Roof repair may require new flashing, shingles, or gutters, which we can do, without the cost of totally replacing it. If a storm affects your home in the Charlotte area, dont be fooled by the storm chasers offering unlicensed and below average work on your insurance plans bill. A Plus Roofing & Construction is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and received a super service award by Angies List.

A Plus Roofing & Construction provides a warranty on every job along with unbeatable service.  Contact us today for roof repairs in Charlotte when you are drowning in storm damage.

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