Roof & Driveway Simix Solutions

Roof & Driveway Simix Solutions
  • Increases value by improving appearance
  • Helps you comply with homeowner association rules
  • Easy to use shake, spray and walk away
  • No pressure washing necessary
  • Removes oil, transmission and hydraulic fluid stains
  • Costs less than bleach and other cleaners
  • Roof & Driveway Simix Solutions
  • Safer than bleach for people, animals and vegetation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saves money on air conditioning by cleaning your roof of black mold

How does it work?  SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner is nano-engineered, and works in the world of particles that are one thousand times smaller than the human eye can see. SIMIX contains sub-nano and nano-particles that react with sunlight or artificial light to break down mold, algae, smog, tannin, oil stains and grime.

How is it applied?  SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner comes in a powder form that is dissolved in water and applied with an airless pump system. For large surface applications, landscape style tank sprayers are used. SIMIX application does not require any special training. Before you apply it, you must sweep or use a leaf blower to remove branches and debris. The SIMIX YouTube Channel has several videos that show just how easy it is to apply SIMIX.

How long does it take to work? That depends on the amount of sunlight the surface gets each day. SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner works with the sun to break down grime. If the sun is higher in the sky, it will work faster. In colder climates or winter time, it will take longer. Generally, we estimate it will take 30 to 90 days if applied in the summer, and 90 to 180 days if applied in the winter.

How much does it cost? It’s cheaper than bleach.

How often do I have to re-apply SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner? We recommend re-application every 12 months, before new stains appear.

What kinds of surfaces can SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner be used on?  It can be used on residential and commercial roofing surfaces including asphalt shingles, concrete and clay tile, metal roofing, slate, mod bit, single-ply membranes, smooth surfaces, built-up roofing and ballasted single ply. It can also be used on masonry brick and mortar, block, poured concrete, vinyl siding, Hardie board, concrete, pavers and asphalt. It should not be applied to glass and unfinished metal and if it gets on these surfaces, it should be washed off immediately.

I applied SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner and my sidewalk turned orange. What did I do wrong? You didn’t do anything wrong. The product is working perfectly. It’s interacting with hydrocarbons (like exhaust vapors from cars) and the sun will break it down and the rain will wash it away.

Can I apply SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner in any kind of weather?  SIMIX Roof & Driveway Mold and Stain Remover must dry before it rains, snows, or freezes.

How will SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner save me money on air conditioning? A mold-free roof can reduce annual cooling costs 2% to 5%. Mold is black and it absorbs heat from the sun, transferring that heat into your house. A cleaner roof will reflect the sun’s heat.

Why is SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner better for the environment than bleach?  SIMIX breaks down volatile organic compounds into harmless, inert materials and carbon dioxide. It is safe for plants and has been proven to be non-irritating to human skin. The inert materials disappear into the soil. Bleach is chlorine a toxic substance that can kill plants and animals and can be very harmful to your lungs. Prolonged use of bleach will damage paint, destroy roofing underlayment and asphalt shingles.

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