Roof Estimating Software for Roofing Contractors Estimation Pro About Us

Roof Estimating Software for Roofing Contractors Estimation Pro About Us

estimationPRO is a non internet based working business model designed to help your widen your profit margin.

Here at estimationPRO. we are not just selling roofing software, we are giving you the ability to effectively manage your business with your bottom line clearly in sight. Armed with the estimationPRO software and all of the available accessories, your mobile office is just a parking lot away. No matter the jobsite location, you can count on estimationPRO for all of your estimating needs.

estimationPRO is a stand alone program, no internet access required. That means no matter where your jobsites may find you, you can count on estimationPRO to give you access to all of the crucial data required to estimate and manage your projects in the field and at home. It’s easy to print out all of your documents on the spot and have them ready to present to your client in just a matter of minutes.

Through the available free of charge training at estimationPRO. you have continual access to webinars and online training modules to educate you on the estimationPRO software. Your success is our guarantee. After all, if we don’t meet your expectations, then we have not met ours. We don’t just sell software, we sell results.

Jon Lindsay started as roof loader for a shingle supply company back in the mid-nineties, working his way through school. The long hours and hard physical labor of loading shingles fueled his ambitions to move up within the supply house from loader to driver and then on to ordering, and finally landing a position in sales. In roofing material sales, Jon made many contacts within the roofing industry, so when he decided to leave the supply side, he was welcomed into a sales position with a private roofing corporation. Jon excelled in the fast-paced environment and loved the sales side of the roofing company. However, it was only a matter of time before he realized the paperwork and job tracking end was where the company was losing dollars regularly.

The sales were booming but mis-measurements and pricing increases that weren’t made readily available to the sales force were killing the profit margins. So with no formal computer training, Jon began to design a user-friendly software program that would allow his sales force to make more efficient use of their time out on the jobsite. With a basic knowledge of Excel, Jon created a system to input all of the various data into spreadsheets and soon wrote a program designed to measure roofs accurately and with up-to-the-minute material pricing.

In addition, the program was able to produce insurance-friendly contracts and invoicing all with the click of a mouse! Jon’s hard work and management skills were paying off as he was soon promoted to Regional Sales Manager. As sales manager, he organized his team to be profitably efficient and surpassed many of the top sales records the company had set in the years prior. This got Jon noticed and promoted to a National Sales Manager position in a short amount of time. A born leader, Jon thrived on sales at a national level taking his company to an unprecedented 25 million dollars a year and two years later finally landing the Vice Presidency of National Sales.

Fast forward several years and Jon Lindsay has resigned his position with the national roofing company and embarked on a new venture expanding and improving his program with a team of computer and programming experts, hence transforming his simple program into estimationPRO. A stand alone software that offers an unparalleled working business model to maintain an effective bottom line and a maximum profit margin for contractors everywhere!

Roof Estimating Software for Roofing Contractors Estimation Pro About Us

At estimationPRO. we not only help you estimate your projects to be more cost efficient we also offer you the ability to make your job easier. said Jon. With our software, training programs, and staff of experts, we give you the ability to teach the roofing industry to a new sales person in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks.

If the thought of bringing on new hire makes you cringe with visions of training dollars piling up, let estimationPRO eliminate your worries. With our user-friendly online training modules and free of charge expert trainers a mere phone call away you, will find yourself building a more skilled and knowledgeable sales force that is better equipped to manage their time and need less of yours!

It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man operation or a large-scale corporation, estimationPRO can benefit and help ensure your company’s continual growth and success through job tracking and accurate documentation.

The best part of estimationPRO is that it was designed by a roofing contractor for roofing contractors. No computer experience and/or computer knowledge is required to operate our software. We offer full training for even the most novice user with continual training classes offered every day of the week. estimationPRO is easy to use and maintains a no hassles mantra. With training options ranging from easy to access online modules to seminars set up at your place of business, estimationPRO will make sure you are confident in your training from the very beginning.

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