Roof Restoration Melbourne Roof Painting Roof Seal Rainshield Roofing

Roof Restoration Melbourne Roof Painting Roof Seal Rainshield Roofing

Rainshield Roofing – Specialists in Roof Restoration Melbourne

Rainshield Roofing are one of Melbourne’s premier roof restoration companies. We specialise in roof restoration Melbourne wide.

With the ever changing weather conditions, the roof restoration Melbourne industry has become very advanced and specialised. Rainshield’s roof restoration Melbourne (also known as roof painting Melbourne and roof seal Melbourne) division has developed unique processes specifically developed to ensure your Melbourne roof restoration is tailored to combat our chaotic weather conditions for years to come.

Roof restoration, also called roof sealing and roof painting, is a process used to resurface cement tiles. As the demand for restorations has grown, so have the amount of companies providing this service.

There are many different products available to use for the process as well as many different ways of getting the work done.

So how do you know which products to use? Or the best way to get the job done?Or how to tell if you need to do the work in the first place?

In this section we will examine the faults that will become apparent when a restoration is necessary as well as explain the processes used to rectify them.

As roofs age they inevitably deteriorate. Ongoing and regular maintenance is a fact of tiled roofs. The most common areas that require attention are as follows;

Bedding and Pointing

Cracked and damaged bedding cement is a common site on Melbourne roofs. The bedding cement is the concrete that secures the ridge caps running along the peaks of your roof. The pointing is a coloured cement or compound that covers the bedding.

When the mortar (bedding) on the roof ages it will begin to crack and fall away leaving your ridge caps unsecured. This can result in them blowing off in high winds, allowing water ingress into the roof cavity and can also void your homes insurance against storm damage as the maintenance of the roof is your responsibility.

If you see this occurring you need to address it as soon as possible by either performing a full roof restoration or re-bedding and re-pointing your roof.

Rusty Valley Irons

Rusting valleys, sometimes referred to as roof gutters, are an equally common site on Melbourne roofs. The valleys, made from steel, run along the join of two opposing roof faces. Once they have begun to rust the only recourse is to replace them.

Other common problems with valleys are loose mortar and tiles slipping down into the pan of the valley.

When the cement decays the tiles will no longer be secured. If this occurs you will need to re-bed and re-point them (and probably the caps as well). Some companies do not recommend re-bedding valleys and leave them "dry". This is now a common practice with new roofs. Fair warning though, if your tiles are not nailed down, as is current building practice, leaving your valleys without cement securing them can lead to disaster. The valleys act as a wind channel, and, in extreme winds, the un-cemented valley will allow the wind to get under the tile making it much more likely that you will have tiles blown off your house.

Broken Roof Tiles

Roof Restoration Melbourne Roof Painting Roof Seal Rainshield Roofing

Broken tiles can lead to water leaks into the roof cavity. Tiles will break for many reasons. Walking on the roof in the wrong place without taking care can obviously break tiles. Simple wear and tear will contribute to some breakages over the years also.

More serious problems can occur if the tiles have been laid to close together. As the tile heats up on warmer days it expands into the tile alongside it. With this happening across the whole roof, some tiles begin to exert pressure on neighbouring tiles thereby causing fractures and breaks. If you believe this to be the case, a heat reflective compound can be applied to the tiles to minimise the temperature that they reach and reducing this from happening.

Another bigger issue is breakages from frost, either in very low temperatures or from wind chill factors. When a tile loses its protective coating, on a clear night, it will absorb a significant amount of moisture. When the conditions become such that ice is formed, the moisture in the tile surface will freeze. This will break the tile much the same way as a bottle of water in the freezer will burst on freezing. A professional restoration will stop this from happening.

Rainshield roofing offer a wide range of roofing services designed to assist you with these issues and more. Our qualified supervisors are trained to identify the cause of your problems and recommend the appropriate solution to stop it being an issue.

Asides from our full range of repair services, one of the most popular roofing jobs that we do is professional roof restorations.

A professional roof restoration can prevent ongoing maintenance and reduce costly repairs. It will also beautify your home and add thousands to the value.

A less professional restoration or "paint job" can be a disaster. If this is a project that you are looking to do now or in the future, educating yourself is crucial. There are a huge number of roofing companies, many of which are less than honest in there approach.

Finding out the best practices will save you thousands of dollars in shoddy workmanship and add years and years to the life of your restoration. Done professionally, a restoration will last in excess of 15 years, or as little as twelve months if stringent procedures are not followed.

Roof Restoration Procedures and Technical Information

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