Roofing Fairfax VA Roofing Contractors in Virginia

Roofing Fairfax VA Roofing Contractors in Virginia

Fairfax Roofing

Style Roofing is the #1 Fairfax Roofing Contractor serving the needs of homeowners and businesses for Fairfax, Prince William, Arlington, and Loudoun counties in Northern Virginia. If you live in Fairfax Virginia and are in search of a local roofing contractor, contact us for a free estimate.

Replacing A Fairfax Roof

More than 30% of the heat in your home escapes through poor roof insulation and bad roofing. That can equate to a lot of lost income. Not to mention that an old roof will quickly begin to leak and take on water. Now you’re talking about structural damage and mold. Having a well-maintained, functioning roof system is one of the most important ways in which you can protect the value of your home. Sometimes you may have obvious problems, such as leaking or water damage. Other visible warning signs are curling or rotting of roof shingles/shakes, damaged flashing, missing shingles, granular loss or algae growth. Some warning signs, however, will not be so obvious and may require a trained roofing professional performing a thorough inspection of the roof to identify. It is in your best interest to have a roofing inspection done if you are experiencing any problems, or even if you think your roof may be reaching the end of its life.

In 2010 Style Roofing completed over 600 Fairfax Roofing Projects. We are consistently one of the highest-rated roofing contractors on Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, and for a reason. Quality, Commitment, Satisfaction Guarantee, and our “no payment until completion policy ” helped make us the #1 Fairfax Roofing Contractor. At Style Roofing the only thing more important than our commitment to our quality products is our commitment to our customers.

Roofing Costs

Replacing a roof in Fairfax can be expensive, regardless of what kind of roof you have. The materials are a fraction of the total cost you will pay for a new roof for your house. The largest single expense will be in the labor costs. Roofing is a trade that requires skill and knowledge in a number of other disciplines including math, carpentry, and framing construction. Locating a local Fairfax Roofing company is not the hard part. Locating a reliable Fairfax Roofing company with know-how and ability to do the work properly might be a little harder.

Types Of Fairfax Roofing Projects

Our expert roof technicians have been trained to install all types of roofing materials and roofs types. Whether it’s Flat Roofs, A-Frames, Asphalt Shingles, Cedar Shakes, Synthetic, Metal, Slate or Faux Slate, we can meet all of your roofing needs. Style Roofing will give your home aesthetic appeal and the peace of mind needed to shelter your family and protect your investment. Our diverse line of products can be tailored to meet your budget and any architectural requirement. From traditional three tab shingles to our designer architectural shingles, you can depend on the strength and quality of a Style Roof.

Roofing Fairfax VA Roofing Contractors in Virginia

Replacing your roof with a new, high quality roof from Style Roofing will not only give your Northern Virginia home a brand new look, it can also save your money in energy costs. Old, worn roofing and improper roof ventilation can allow heat to pass through your roof, and wastes energy. New shingle roofing technology utilizes reflective surfaces and has a higher level of insulation, saving you money on energy bills.

Our Fairfax Virginia Roofing Process:

We are with you every step of the way; from diagnosing why your roof needs replacement, to selecting a roofing solution that best matches your needs. Style Roofing’s start to finish process includes:

  • Determine and explain what caused the damage to your roof
  • Review new roof options including materials, colors, design, styles, etc.
  • Recommend a complete roofing solution that is best for your home
  • Explain the break-down and removal of your current roof
  • Detail the process, timelines and steps of installing your new roof
  • Review clean-up process and on-going maintenance recommendations

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