Sullivan County Community College — Green Roof Installation


Faced with the task of replacing some broken paving stones on its campus, SUNY Sullivan opted to install a green roofing system by New York-based company Vegetali.D. The installation not only addresses the safety and cosmetic issues of the damaged pathway, but also falls squarely in line with the college’s commitment to sustainability in practice and education.

"The college is always looking for ways we can improve our operations in line with our efforts to decrease our overall environmental impact and implement sustainable practices on campus," says Tracy Hall, SUNY Sullivan’s Director of Buildings & Grounds.

Rather than replace the existing paving stones, Hall developed and implemented a maintenance plan that included a redesign of the area to incorporate the living green roof system. His research led him to Vegetali.D. a company based in Batavia that produces modular green roofing units that are easily installed and maintained.

Called Hydropack®, the green roof system consists of four layers with specific purposes. A drainage layer that helps prevent root asphyxiation, with a filter layer to prevent clogging. A substrate layer serves as an anchor for roots and supplies water and minerals to the plants in the vegetation layer. The vegetation layer in the SUNY Sullivan units is made up of flora suitable for the local climate and installation conditions. In fact, the Hydropacks installed at the college already lived through one New York winter at the growing facility upstate, prior to being delivered to the college.

The green roof was installed in the courtyard between the Student Union and Executive Offices, which is also the roof over the Culinary Department classrooms and Paul Grossinger Dining Room. The green roof is not only attractive, but will help to control storm water run-off, extending the life of the roof, and can positively impact heating and cooling costs. Stones removed during installation were saved for a future project, which means that the college did not incur any demolition fees in waste removal.

More than fifteen SUNY Sullivan, SUNY Rockland, SUNY Ulster, and SUNY Orange students from the Green Building Maintenance & Management program provided the muscle on installation day, working alongside Vegetali.D. experts as a learning experience.

"In all it was a great day of learning for the students," says Larry Reeger, Professor in the Green Building & Maintenance Program at SUNY Sullivan, "and the green roof adds to the beauty and functionality of the SUNY Sullivan campus."

Sullivan County Community College - Green Roof Installation

SUNY Sullivan continues to turn its campus into a living laboratory of sustainable practices, and is committed to sustainable practices and education. Recent developments include the building of a compost facility, as well as entering into an agreement to complete the construction of a 9-acre solar array. Learn more about sustainability at SUNY Sullivan by visiting the college online at

About Vegetali.D.

Vegetali.D. is an international manufacturer of green roof systems that has been developing, patenting and producing green roof technologies for more than 20 years. More than 5 Million square feet of the company’s HYDROPACK® green roof tray technology has been installed. Its North American nursery is located in upstate New York, where all of its products are pre-grown in an ecologically friendly manner. Their website is

Discover more about Vegetali.D. and Hydropack technology by clicking HERE .

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