Conservatory conversion experts Scotland

Conservatory conversion experts Scotland

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Want to transform your conservatory into a warm, comfortable space that can be used all year round? Gain-A-Room, the specialist Conservatory Converters in Scotland can provide you with a high specification insulation system that can be installed to transform your conservatory into a fully functional room that can be used every day of the year.

Eliminating hot and cold extremes

The standard polycarbonate roof found in almost all UK conservatories has practically no insulation properties, even when conservatory roof blinds or solar inserts are fitted. The typical polycarbonate conservatory roof has a very high u-value, making it unpleasantly hot for everyday use in the summer.

Conversely, in winter it can be impossible to keep most conservatories warm because they have no proper insulation. This allows most of the heat to escape and wastes energy, costing you money and rendering your conservatory unusable during the colder months.

Without removing your existing conservatory roof, we can eliminate these problems by applying our specialist conservatory conversion skills to almost any design of sunroom or conservatory. Our unique system means that you can keep the same look on the outside but benefit from a traditional ceiling on the inside. By installing our high spec 38mm lightweight composite insulation system, you can regulate the temperature so that you don’t end up with a conservatory that’stoo cold or one that’s too hot.

Making the most of your space

A new roof on a conservatory can make a huge difference to how you make the most of your space. Your local conservatory converters in Fife can install a combination of 19 layers of reflective materials, which test studies show to be the equivalent of 270mm of mineral wool insulation. This delivers stunning results and can transform any conservatory to sunroom conversion into a thermally efficient room that is perfect for year-round activities.

A conservatory roof conversion can deliver a space that is:

  • 75% cooler in summer
  • 75% warmer in summer
  • Easier and cheaper to heat in winter
  • Reduced glare
  • Reduced rain noise
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Minimum disruption
  • Completed in days

If you already have a conservatory then you have the potential for that extra, truly versatile habitable space all year round. There’s no need to abandon it during the winter months or because your conservatory is too hot – with a conservatory 2 sunroom conversion. you can use your conservatory as:

  • A Dining Room
  • Conservatory conversion experts Scotland
  • A Home Office
  • A Playroom for the children
  • A Gym

So if you’re planning to convert a conservatory to sunroom in Fife and want to make the most of the very latest technology and installation techniques, call us. Our experts can work with you to ensure that your installation is thermally efficient, looks great and brings your conservatory back to full use all year round.

To help you make an informed choice, below is a selection of our customers’ most frequently asked questions:



Q.   Will I lose much light?

A.   No, the standard polycarbonate roof is opaque and limits light intrusion, with the majority of light delivered into the conservatory through the windows and doors. The newly painted white roof also brightens up the space and reflects the light that comes through the windows and doors, dramatically increasing interior luminosity. It is considered that the installation of this system on average only results in a modest light loss of about 5% at most.

Q.   Will it look different?

A.   Internally yes, as this is effectively a new roof in the conservatory. rather than an external alteration. Externally, it will look exactly the same, as it’s an internal conservatory roof conversion. If it’s a full replacement roof conversion then it will look more like a sunroom, and internally you’ll have a solid vaulted plastered ceiling.

Q.   I have some roof window openings, will I lose them?

A.   It depends entirely on what you want; conservatory converters can either leave the openings as they are, or cover them according to your specifications.

Q.   Will the roof require cross ventilation?

A.  Yes, an air gap is essential. It is provided within the system by ventilation created behind the external guttering, ensuring that there is enough air circulation to prevent condensation being formed.

Q.   What effect will the additional weight do to the roof?

A.   There should be no effect, as conservatory insulation is surprisingly lightweight. Conservatory roofs are either galvanised mild steel or aluminium and are designed to withstand wind, snow and human traffic, with huge tolerances.

Q.   If I insulate my conservatory. will I lose much head height?

A.   No, because the system follows the existing profile of the vaulted roof.

Q.   What will the difference be in terms of insulation?

A.   The reduction in u-values for a polycarbonate roof goes from 1.16w/m2k down to 0.43w/m2k, close to the level of a new traditional tiled roof of 0.35w/m2k.

Q.   How long does the process take?

A.   Conservatory converters understand that you don’t just want a great deal, but you want minimum inconvenience too. So our experts make sure that a conservatory to sunroom conversion in Scotland takes no more than two to five working days on average to complete.

Q.   Will the system damage my conservatory roof?

A.   No, Conservatories in Fife and across Scotland can be converted quickly and easily with no damage to the existing structure or roof.

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