Conservatory Roofing

Conservatory Roofing

There are many choices available when designing your New Conservatory Roof or replacement conservatory roof. from the simplistic Lean too sunroom the Spacious Edwardian, Classic Victorian, majestic Gable End Conservatory Roof and of course the Bespoke or P Shaped Conservatory Roofing.

Whatever Conservatory roof you are looking for Ultra frame offer a variety of conservatory roofing options and a huge array of colours to suit your individual need. The Ultraframe Conservatory roofing systems are proven to be the most popular conservatory roof in the UK and Ultraframe offer the most thermal efficient conservatory roof available

Choosing the Conservatory Roofing system that is right for you

There are many factors to be considered when Designing a Conservatory, the right Conservatory roof would be part of the complete conservatory design process.

In the case of a new conservatory roof or a replacement conservatory roof, you will most likely be replacing like for like, Victorian with Victorian or perhaps upgrading from a Polycarbonate to a Glass conservatory roof or even the latest Guardian lightweight tiled conservatory roof. What ever you are looking for our Online design & price guides should allow you to Design your conservatory with relative ease. If you require any help or advice our Specialist conservatory designers and surveyors are trained to advise you according to which Conservatory Roof option will best suit your needs. Our product range of colours and glazing options are certain to meet every customers individual home taste and budget.

You can Design and price your conservatory or roof, or we can help you design your conservatory online using our CAD software. We will then email you your complete frame, roof and base plans, scaled drawings, 3D elevation plans and internal plans free of charge with your quotation.

We hope this site will give you the information you need without any sales jargon, and help you choose the right option to suit your home, taste and budget. Lets begin with choosing the conservatory design, glazing options, and conservatory frame colour.

We supply and install the Ultraframe Conservatory Roofing System and the Guardian tiled conservatory roof across the UK. If need any help in choosing your roof design or glazing options please do not be afraid to call or email

Conservatory too HOT

In summer months a south facing Conservatory Roof will endure hours of direct sunlight making the Conservatory unbearably hot. The latest technology available in Conservatory Roof glazing options actually reduces the effects of direct sunlight and keeps the conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in winter months without greatly effecting the light transmission. Heat can be reduced by the use of HEATGUARD Polycarbonate or of course a tinted bronze or Pilkington K active blue Glass can again reduce the build up of heat in a south facing conservatory.

Conservatory too COLD

Customers often tell us their Conservatory is too cold, even in the summer months. A lot of customers think this is solely due to the conservatory roof which is not the case. The Conservatory by design is usually mostly glass. Older Double glazed sealed units (also known as Insulating Glass Units I.G.U.) were made of standard toughened glass. The newer Double glazed windows incorporate a much more Energy Efficient Upvc Frame and the double glazed sealed units (I.G.U.) which is made from Planitherm Low e glass which actually reflects heat back into the room, the sealed units are Argon filled which greatly increases Energy Efficiency and aids in significant sound proofing

Conservatory Roofing

We only use the Highest Quality Conservatory Roof glazing products. We offer unrivalled choice, service, value for money and above all Energy Efficiency.

A Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof has definite cost advantages in comparison to a Glass Conservatory Roof. The Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof is available in a wide variety of colours such as clear, opal, bronze. Other colours are available according to your individual preference.

The Polycarbonate we use in our Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof systems is either 25 or 35mm HEAT GUARD Polycarbonate. This means your new Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof will keep your Conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The HEAT GUARD Polycarbonate is like air conditioning for the Conservatory and stops the Conservatory from baking in the summer. This means customers can also choose to have any furniture the wish in the conservatory without worrying about sun bleaching.

35mm Clear Polycarbonate – Normally chosen for roofs where you intend to have roof blinds fitted. Not recommended for south facing conservatories. Light transmission 50%

35mm Opal Polycarbonate – Helps to diffuse ultra violet rays and a popular choice but not particularly effective for south facing conservatories. Light transmission 20%

35mm Bronze Polycarbonate – A popular choice for wood grain conservatories but offers little protection against direct sunlight. There is also a Bronze/Opal option that provides Opal finish to the inside which provides improved performance. Light transmission 20%

35mm Heatguard Polycarbonate Also Known as solarguard (shown Below) – Especially recommended if you conservatory faces south, Heatguard has a reflective external coating which allows the light in but deflects solar radiation reducing solar heat gain through the roof by half when compared to other materials. Heatguard can also have an opal finish internally.

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