Do I Have to Replace My Roofing With Solar Panels

Do I Have to Replace My Roofing With Solar Panels

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Many people want to know if I have to replace my roofing with solar panels we answer that here.

More and more people are discovering that installing a photovoltaic solar system in their homes reduces their electricity bills significantly.

In fact, when combined with tax credits, solar rebates and grants, installing a solar panel system can be a great investment.

An investment that pays for itself in five to seven years in most cases .

However, the roof of your home does play a big role in the performance of the solar panel system.

One question that many homeowners keep on asking themselves is: do I have to replace my roofing with solar panels?

Here we look at issues regarding the roof when installing solar panel systems.

What Makes An Ideal Roof For Solar Installation?

You may have all the incentives in line to save you money

You many have the high quality solar panel system ready to roll

But if you dont have a suitable roof, you are not going to benefit from a rooftop solar installation

Having said that, there are several factors which will determine whether the roof on your house is suitable for your solar conversion:

1. The Orientation of The Roof

Different locations provide different levels of exposure to the sun. You need to know the best inclination towards the sun that will increase the performance of the solar panel. Get a solar installation professional to determine the best inclination and orientation for the solar panel.

2. The Age of Your Roof

Normal roofs last an average of 25 35 years depending on the material used and the prevailing weather. On the other hand, solar panels last for 25 years or more. So you wouldnt want to install a solar panel system on a roof then five years down the line you have to remove it, repair or replace it and then re-install the solar panels. This will be double work and cost you much more.

If your roof is ten years or older, you many want to consider re-roofing your home. A competent roofing company can help you with this.

3. The Available Roof Space

Some people are surprised when they are told by the solar installation company that they dont have enough space for the installation of a complete solar system. A simple guideline is that you have to fit one kW of panels on 100 square feet of roof. If you have less space then talk to your solar installer as they will be able to assist you.

4. The Design of The Roof

A solar panel system will work much better on a simple roof that has few obstructions. Structures like chimneys, roof contours, ducts and skylights can make the installation of solar panels difficult and add to the cost. The best surface for solar installation is a flat surface that is not adorned by other features.

5. Shade On Your Roof

Being surrounded by trees and tall buildings are not suitable for your home if you are planning to install solar. Solar panels need proper exposure to the sun to perform better

So, Do I Have To Replace My Roofing With Solar Panels?

Ideally if your roof is more than ten years old. you should replace the whole roof with a new one. That way, you are sure will outlive the solar panels you are planning to install. However, if you have limited funds, you can replace only the parts of the roof that are directly below the solar panels. This technique may save you some money up front as well.

When you replace your roof prior to solar installation, you will not have to worry about the cost of replacing a roof and removing solar panels and reinstalling solar panels. Plus, youll gain peace of mind from the inherent protection that a new roof provides. Bear in mind that the installed solar panel system will also shield the underlying roof from ultraviolet rays, snow, ice and direct impact of any object.

The solar panels themselves will help your underlying roof last longer. This is probably something you have not considered.

But to answer the question: do I have to replace my roofing with solar panels. it all depends on the initial state of your roof. Prior to installing a solar panel system, your roof needs to be long-lasting so that you eliminate extra costs down the road from roof replacement.

But once you do replace or at least make the roof suitable for solar panel system installation, youll then be on the road to significant energy savings not to mention the good youll be doing for the environment.

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