Do it Yourself Solar Roof Kits -

Do it Yourself Solar Roof Kits -

March 10th, 2011

Get Off the Grid!

( March 10,2011) The solar industry has expanded over the last few years doubling the number of systems installed. New York City is expected to see twice as many solar installations compared to previous years. Pricing for these systems has decreased dramatically over the last few years, which has helped the industry move forward. There are ready made solar heating kits for home heating, heating pools and spas and solar electric kits for generating electricity. The kits range from building your own photovoltaic panels to kits which include everything you need except for wiring, fuses and other sundry materials required depending on the type and length of run from you panels to the storage batteries. The home handyman can build a solar thermal system from an array of materials available which include everything from building your own panels from scratch using recyclable materials such as plastic pop bottles or even milk containers. The internet has thousands of resources and examples to guide you.

There are many more options available and all kinds of resources to investigate which kits are best suited to your particular installation and how confident you are in your mechanical abilities. Considerations include the climate where you are living such as northern climates which are limited in the number of daylight hours available to them and the strength of the sunlight during the winter months. There are systems which will work even to the -30 degrees temperatures. Another consideration mounting your solar panels so that you receive the maximum amount of sunlight is a key point. The positioning of your solar panels on your roof and the actual roof line in relation to the sunlight available, sun tracking mechanisms are available to solve that problem. If purchasing a solar panel racking system buy one with the least amount of roof penetrations. it can save you potential problems with leaks from your roof to your attic space. This type of moisture could cause you expensive roof deck and interior repairs if attention is not given to the roof penetrations during installation of your solar panels.

Determine which type of installation will best suite your needs and location. With solar electric systems the smaller do it yourself kits while their pricing looks attractive the amount of electricity generated amounts to powering a small television, a small appliance like a blender or some lights. A combination of systems such as adding a solar thermal system with a passive wall to your solar electric system and or adding wind generation will give you a more reliable selection to decrease your energy bills. Wind generation has also developed greatly over the last few years with many types of axial turbines on the market to suite home installations.

Save with Renewable Energy!

We found this 2.o kw Solar PV Roof Tile System with the Solar PV System integrated into the tile it is one easy installation.

Solar electric systems should be efficient and actually look good will encourage more people will adopt solar if the systems don’t have the “industrial” look.

Applied Solar Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) roofing tiles are specially designed to blend seamlessly with existing roofs, and come in three colors to coordinate with roof tile colors.

They’re durable, extremely easy and trouble-free to install, and because the solar panel is integrated into the roof tile, it means there’s just one installation (solar and roof combined into one), instead of two separate installations.

Also, if a traditional rack and mount solar panel system is put onto an existing roof, in most cases it voids the roof’s warranty. That’s not an issue here – you’ve got one installation, one warranty.

Do it Yourself Solar Roof Kits -

Solar pv roofing tiles complete systems are very competitively priced and can go on virtually anything with a sloped roof: re-roofs, retrofits or new home construction.

Suntech manufactures the solar save tiles, the world’s largest solar panel producer, so you’re assured of the highest quality and performance reliability.

The Sunny WebBox allows users to access their system performance data anytime – from anywhere in the world. The Sunny WebBox will interface with your inverter and automatically posts the performance data to SMA’s Web – based portal called Sunny Portal. By logging onto Sunny Portal, users can see their current and historical system performance data displayed graphically.

The Sunny Portal is a free Web-based portal that provides storage and graphic display of your systems performance data.

Access to your system data is available via a Web browser at anytime from anywhere in the world. Daily system performance data is uploaded to the Sunny Portal via the Sunny WebBox.

Some energy companies will purchase your excess energy from you check with your energy supplier first and find out what requirements they have. Your energy supplier will share their expertise with you and help you with the knowledge that they have gained. Find an electrical contractor that has experience in wiring these systems so that any potentially hazardous conditions are mitigated. Also check with your municipal authority, permits may be required. Articles we have read indicate that permits and contractor costs can double your expense of a solar panel installation increasing the time of your payback period on your investment.

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