Free kindling (seasoned dry cedar shingles) Act 2

Free kindling (seasoned dry cedar shingles) Act 2

Free kindling (seasoned dry cedar shingles) Act 2 (Hyannis near JFK Memorial)

94 Circuit Ave


We are in the process of re-siding our house and are stripping the sidewalls of the old cedar shingles. I would rather see these go locally to someone who is trying to heat their house than dropping it off at the Barnstable dump only to be burned up at the SeMASS incinerator anyways.

They have not been painted or stained, they are completely natural, so no toxic stuff to worry about. You might come across the ocasional nail however, so watch your hands and feet. Just look for the "FREE FIREWOOD" sign on the vacant lot, exactly as you see in the picture, and load up whatever you want from the woodpile or the shingle pile next to it, just please don’t make a mess. We have had this "pay it forward" woodpile for many years now at this address. Make a note of the address for future because we will definitely have more shingles to add, and we also usually have some other wood (such as right now) to add to the woodpile now and again if there is nothing this trip. Bring cardboard boxes and/or trash barrels of your own to cart the shingles away. RIGHT NOW WE HAVE NO BOXED SHINGLES. WE DO HAVE A PILE OF SHINGLES NEXT TO THE WOODPILE, SO FEEL FREE TO STOP BY AND USE YOUR OWN CONTAINERS TO HAUL THEM AWAY. TAKE ANY WOOD YOU MAY ALSO SEE STACKED IN THE ACTUAL WOOD PILE IF YOU LIKE. DO A 180 AT THE WOODPILE AND YOU WILL SEE A HUGE TREE TRUNK SECTION IN THE PARKING AREA OF THE WHITE RANCH. IF YOU AND TWO STRONG FRIENDS WANT TO CART THAT OFF FOR FIREWOOD TOO, FEEL FREE TO TAKE IT. DO NOT come after dark. Just take what you can from the woodpile on the vacant lot. I will pull this ad (Act 2) when the shingles are all gone, and repost a similar ad ( Act 3, Act 4 etc) when we have more shingles available. Believe me, we will have plenty more shingles as we complete more of our renovation.

P.S. I am a really nice person, and not a d*ck, but, based on emails I have gotten already, it is necessary as a reminder for you to:


I am not going to answer a million questions by email.

I really don’t expect emails for such a simple and direct ad for free stuff, but for sure, if you ask these or similar questions, do not expect a response.

Dumb question #1: "Do you still have the item/it/Free kindling (seasoned dry cedar shingles) Act 2?" This question is usually indicative of spam, and therefore I will not answer it. As I stated above, I delete my ads when gone. I do not peer out my window a hundred times a day to check it. Probably three times a day. When I wake up, when I get home from work, and when I go to bed. I am truly sorry in advance if you drove 20 minutes across town to find that someone else poached all the shingles before you arrived and before I had a chance to update the ad.

Dumb question #2: What is the address? The address, with a MAP, is clearly listed on the upper right corner of the ad. So if you cannot locate the map in the ad listing the address, here it is again. 94 Circuit Ave Hyannis, MA 02601, off of Gosnold St, off of Ocean St, around the corner from Veterans Beach and the JFK Memorial. It is a VACANT LOT. It is not numbered, but the white ranch across the street is 93. Just look for the free firewood sign matching the one in the picture and you will know you are in the right place.

Dumb question #3: How much do you have? Do you have alot? I don’t know how much "alot" means to you, so I cannot answer that. To reiterate, we are stripping an entire house, and I have more shingles than containers to store them in and place on my woodpile in boxes neatly for you to come and get for free, which is why I am just putting out a pile for now. If you have a large enough container (ranging from cardboard boxes, to rubber trash barrels, up to the empty bed of a pickup truck) You could probably fill up no problem, however, that would require manual labor on your part as they are currently in piles, not nealty placed in cardboard boxes.

Dumb question #4: Will you hold them for me? No. I am not interested in holding free stuff. That is why it is free. Miminum effort on my end to be rid of stuff that someone else may want. You might have to exert some energy and expedience and have a little bit of luck to get it before someone else.


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