How to Measure for Metal Roofing eHow

How to Measure for Metal Roofing eHow


Measure the length and the width of all flat surfaces of the roof. To do this, determine which surface will receive metal. Generally, all roofing surfaces that are exposed to rain should be covered with metal. Measure the length and width of all surfaces, allowing 1 inch extra for overhangs.

Multiply the length and the width of each section to get the square footage of the section. For example, if you have a section that is 10 feet by 10 feet, multiply the two together and you have 100 square feet. Repeat this on all sections and add the numbers together. This will be your total square footage to be covered by metal.

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How to Calculate Metal Roof in Linear Feet. Measuring the amount of metal roofing you need is accomplished in various ways.

In building terms, a linear foot is equal to 12 inches of length. Linear feet measurements, which are also known as board.

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How to Measure for Metal Roofing. When measuring and estimating metal roofing, it is necessary to get your figures right, as failure.

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