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Seems that Scott Riopelle, Brett Wilson, Brian Bailey and Melanie Altamirano are conspiring to create for themselves a new profit stream: Simply fabricate a story to justify a ""Breach of Independent Contractor Agreement"" in order to illegally withhold and steal earned commissions and referrals from the salespeople. Looks like ripping off the salespeople can provide as much profit as roofing; unfortunately, this can cause undue stress and risk to the property owner, due to MECHANICS LIENS ON PROPERTY BEING FILED AGAINST PROJECTS, NO MATTER IF THEY HAVE BEEN PAID IN FULL OR NOT.

The named individuals above, using The TOOL Tim Serantoni (who knew he had to kiss a** to get paid), made a mountain out of a mole hill using a couple emails out of context to justify stealing over 5 figures from me. There is always someone in every storm that wants to keep the insurance money and not pay their contractor; I have little sympathy for these people, and as a sub have only a few collections options, up to and including filing Mechanics Liens on homeowners property to secure payment for services rendered.BE IT KNOWN TO ALL I will use ANY legal means necessary to collect a debt from a ""thief.""

Ironically, by attempting to use one collections scenario to discredit me, Interstate Roofing is putting over 10 other clients at risk, even though they have paid in full.

CHECK OTHER RIPOFF REPORTS ON INTERSTATE ROOFING DENVER AND INTERSTATEROOF,COM RAPID CITY to get a clear picture of the scenario unfolding, starting with the below emails. These are the email strings that better explain the situation that Scott Riopelle is using to rip me off—see if you can find the select emails they think allow them to steal from salespeople:

(I was getting the feeling these people were lying to and using me so I issued a warranty based on WORK COMPLETED, not PROJECT COMPLETED, as I normally would. )

SUBJECT OF EMAIL: Roofing only invoice attached

c**** w***l

Sep 16

to D+++A++ (Daughter of property owner)

Hi D***A**: nice talking to you the other day. I got the gutters installed Sunday so at least the foundation and siding are protected. M+++(Mom) told me they sent a copy of the policy today—it better be the same as the existing one that was in force the last time she renewed. Also may be a hint that they want to fight—I’m ready for them!

I’ll be dropping off the attached invoice for M(mom) to take to Black Hills Credit Union to draw the funds. There’s no way I can absorb a $600+deductible on roofing only, and the company needs at least enough to cover costs (gutters, paint, etc.) until we get the rest ironed out, so please let mom know I’m on the up and up.

And call with any questions—when I drop off this invoice tomorrow I’ll pick up and scrutinize microscopically the policy they sent—stand by for heavy weather! I’m pissed, but we’ll reserve judgement until I meet with that senior adjuster noon thursday.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been encouraging your lonely mother to consider going to one of the local churches for some peace of mind and companionship. I’m not a holy roller. but my wife is. And it works for us, especially on these long separations :- (


SUBJECT: gutter, permit and painting supplies invoice due


Sep 24

Interstate Roofing In -

to D***A***, (MOM)

Hello Ladies: As you’ve seen, I am getting no response from Safeco and B L (the adjuster) regarding the additional funds due from the last inspection. As the policyholder you will need to call and find out when the check can be expected.

Please note that you can send in the permit copy and get compensated for that when you apply for the RCV funds; same thing with the Menard’s receipt.

Please note this does not include my painting labor on the back wall or on the rest of the house; this will be from the line item. This will be covered by the painting line item on the revised adjustment.

This balance needs to be paid right away so I can close out with the company. The final painting labor will be paid to me directly; this is how we will be able to finish the entire house for funds that were intended for the back wall only.

Again, please call S(Insurance Co) and insist the check for the revised adustment check to be sent immediately. At that time I will arrange for the storage shed and temporary storage shed to be completed. Note that I will not expect addition compensation for this service.


Consultant & Project Manager

Florida All Lines Adjuster Lic. #W******

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