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Pitch (Home) - Definition - Online Encyclopedia

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How Pitch Is Measured

For roof pitch. you will see design ations such as 2/12 or 7/12. The first number denotes the vertical (height) and the second number denotes the horizontal (length).

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Pitch :

Roofing installation labor increases dramatically as the pitch of the roof increases.

It is my professional opinion that roof pitch affects replacement roof costs and new home roof costs more than anything else.

Angle: The higher the angle, the higher the central head height is likely to be, and if dormer s are used or the roof is redesigned, then the floor area can be increased.

Pitch The rate at which a roof or other surface slopes.

Plaster A surface covering for walls and ceiling s applied wet, dries to smooth, hard protective surface.

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The slope of a roofs rise over a run. A pitch of 8 means that the roof rises 8 inches for every 12 inches of horizontal run.

ed Roofline on House Morphs into Angled Facade

Power vent s: Electrical ly powered fans used to move air from attics and structures.


The angle or slope of a roof. technically the ratio of span to height.

Large thin sheet s made of plaster sandwiched between coarse paper, used for ceiling s and internal walls .

. the degree of the inclination upward from horizontal or flat.

pitch (pente, f.) The ratio of the vertical rise to the horizontal span. Also called slope. See also rise.

purlin (panne, f.) Beams supported by the upper chords, spanning from truss to truss. and supporting the roof construction .

. The incline slope of a roof or the ratio of the total rise to the total width of a building. i.e. an eight-foot rise and 24-foot run is a one-third roof. Roof slope is expressed in the feet of rise per foot of run.

PITCH — The slope or incline of a roof .

PLASTER — Mixture of lime, sand, and water used mostly to cover interior wall and or ceiling surfaces.

is the angle of slope of a roof .

Plaster grounds are strips of wood used as guides around window and door openings and at the base of walls .

Pitch -Pocket (Pitch -Pan)

a flanged, open bottomed enclosure made of sheet metal or other material, placed around a penetration through the roof. filled with grout and bituminous or polymetric sealants to seal the area around the penetration.

pocket " A container, usually formed of sheet metal, around supporting connections with roof -mounted equipment. Filling the container with. or better yet, plastic roof cement. helps seal out water even when vibration is present.

PITCH The angle of inclination to the horizontal of a roof or stair.

PLANK A timber member between 50mm and 100mm thick and over 150mm wide.

- The angle of slope of a roof .

Plant Shelf — A decorative feature approximately 8 feet above the floor. normally associated with volume ceiling s that add high spaces/shelves to use for decorative purposes.

Pitch. The incline slope of a roof or the ratio of the total rise to the total width of a house. i.e. a 6-foot rise and 24-foot width is a one-fourth pitch roof. Roof slope is expressed in the inches of rise, per foot of horizontal run.

Pan or Pocket — A container, usually formed of sheet metal, around supporting connections with roof -mounted machinery.

PITCH. Slope of a roof usually expressed as a ratio.

PLANK: Lumber 2 thick or more and more than 4 wide, such as joists. flooring. and the like.

- The incline slope of a roof or stairs. Roof slope is the ratio of the rise to the horizontal.

Pitch -in. A curb and gutter profile design ed to accept water into the flow-line of the gutter. It is also referred to as wet-curb. See flow-line and pitch -out.

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