Porch Roof Ideas eHow

Porch Roof Ideas eHow

Gable Roof

The gable roof is the most common American roof style. It is used on a variety of house types, such as Cape Cod and colonial-style homes. A gable roof is a simple style, consisting of a triangular-shaped roof in which the triangle is wider than it is tall. Typically, a gable roof overhangs the sides of the porch, allowing it to let water run off the roof. This porch roof easily fits a deep porch if desired, and can easily cover an outdoor eating space without compromising the roof’s strength. Support posts reinforce the two roof ends not attached to the house, and they can be made to match the home’s style. If you consider adding a gable roof to your porch, make sure it will not block any windows you would like to keep.

Shed Roof

A shed roof looks simple and is easy to build. The roof’s piece is flat, but the top attaches to a beam at a different height than the bottom of the roof, creating slope to an otherwise flat roof. This roof type works best with long, narrow porches, because if the porch is too deep the house’s roof line will look unusually high. Therefore, a narrow porch with this roof type is best used with a few rocking chairs or small, comfortable deck chairs on which to sit and relax.

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Porch Roof Ideas eHow

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