Re-Roofing Ontario

Re-Roofing Ontario

Ice Dams — How, Why, What & When

2) Holes / Gaps in the insulation

This is extremely common. You will find this where somebody has done work within a attic (ie. electrician, plumber). I have found when a home has its wiring upgraded and alterations are performed within the attic, the insulation quite often gets overlooked, leaving the gaps in the specific areas where the work has been performed. Pot lights are a leading cause in today’s world. In an effort to save money, cut corners or simply lack of knowledge, they get installed incorrectly. One way is that a pot light designed for a non-insulated ceiling is installed in a insulated ceiling. The insulation is purposely left pushed away from the pot light out of fear that something could over heat. Another scenario is when a proper pot light is installed in the correct housing to prevent contact between the pot light and the insulation. The insulation is nice and tight to the sides of the box but nothing over the top of the box. Exhaust fans, kitchen and bathroom fans, as well as plumbing exhaust stacks are popular areas of heat loss. Basically, anything passing through the insulation into the attic space. These areas require extra care when insulating and tend to be over looked.

A hole made in the insulation from a animal nesting.

There is always a time and a place for everything and the same applies to heat trace wires and tape. I`m not a fan for a long list of reasons. Its electric for one. It is like leaving a toaster on all winter. Its electric, I know I said that already but I`m not a fan of an electric wire sitting in snow especially on coarse and sometimes sharp surfaces not to mention the metal flashing’s. Do they work. Yes, however there are different qualities and bear in mind the ones you acquire in most hardware stores have a life expectancy of 2 years. Now you have spent a fair bounty to install your wires and somebody forgets to plug them in or there is a power outage and the timer shuts off. The drip coming from the ceiling reminds you to plug it in. Or it shorts and overheats and melts your shingles. I prefer Ice & Water Shield to keep your house safe inside and the venting to reduce the severity so that it can be left alone worry free. However, there are places where heat trace wires and tape are the only solution. In these cases, I recommend a dedicated electrical circuit with a GFCI be used. Source out the commercial grade wires, usually a electrical supplier is a good source for that. Lastly, there is a thermostat designed specifically for these wires so that they are only on when it is below freezing. If you have the resources and the desire to save energy, installing a commercial timer to activate during the key time for 6 hours, would eliminate the need for the wire to be running all day. In case you missed it earlier, the key time is between 2 pm to 8 pm.

Re-Roofing Ontario

At Re-Roofing Ontario I practice what I preach. When replacing a roof, it should be a good experience. Install what the structure is going to require to get the maximum life out of the roofing material. Make it as maintenance and worry free as is possible to do. Which to me means as little mechanical devices as possible (ie. heat trace wires, power vents and turbines). In my opinion, these are mechanical band aids that must be watched and maintained for which there is a equal option available that could be installed to allow the home owner to sleep worry free for many years to come.

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