Roof Estimators- Xactimate Software Eagle View Claim Pricing FAQs

Roof Estimators- Xactimate Software Eagle View Claim Pricing FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to submit my information?

We offer 2 methods:

Method 1: If you have the roof measured and calculated already, then proceed to our Online Form or the Printable Checklist and fill in the information. Send the information (either submit the Online Form with the push of a button, or fax or email the Printable Checklist). Pay for the estimate, in this case only $49. Wait no more than 24 hours and receive the completed estimate. This method may also be used if you have any aerial estimate already. Please send that also, by email or fax. We will create a combo estimate with your aerial report.

Method 2:

If you dont have the measurements and calculations, then you need to order the Xactimate estimate with EagleView. Use the same forms as in Step 1, fill in all the information that you can. The size of the roof determines the price of the estimate. See Pricing . We will use the EagleView for the missing information. EagleView adds a day or two to the process and starts when payment is received.*

*An adjusters estimate can also be helpful in completing your estimate. Please email or fax that also.ate for you.*

Why should I use Xactimate estimates?

Xactimate is the source that most insurance companies use for pricing. Bidding is no longer guesswork. Insurance companies, who use Xactimate, aren’t interested in any other pricing unless its lower. Xactimate even helps you to stop underbidding. The future is here for the industry, you might as well join in. Xactimate estimation is your tool also.

When is the best time to present the Xactimate estimate to the Homeowner and Insurance company?

There is no doubt that the answer is, the earlier the better. Negotiate the job while you have the best chance. Show the homeowner and the adjuster what you believe is the correct approach to making things right for the homeowner. When done after the fact, you might gain nothing, while you’ve already spent the extra money. Best to establish the budget before you begin the job. You can waste a lot of time and effort demanding money for work that was never agreed on. Also, before the job is done, the homeowner is more willing to help.

Will the report look like we prepared it in-house?

Yes, we are like your ghost writers. It is your estimate, you are the estimator. Our identification does not

show on your estimate. But, if you prefer, we will provide an estimate under our heading and logo.

How can you possibly know the prices for our area?

We dont. But Xactimate does. Xactimate is updated monthly for all zip codes in the United States and Canada.

Your report will be done with the most recent pricelist for your zip code.

What if we need an item that isnt on the form?

Add information in the comments box or send us an email, fax or call us. Our form contains the most

frequently needed items, but many more are available. Just convey what you need and we will include it.

What about Metal, Built-up, Rubber, Slate, Copper, Aluminum, and other unusual roofs?

Custom reports are no problem. Tell us what the material is (including trim). We’ll figure it out for you. We do commercial and residential.

Will you include my company logo on the Xactimate report?

Yes, gladly. Please email your logo in any format and we will include it at no extra cost. You only need to send your logo once.

We will save it and use it on all of your future reports. No logo? No problem! Select from 8 choices on the Online Form

How long does it take until you send me back a complete report?

Roof Estimators- Xactimate Software Eagle View Claim Pricing FAQs

Our commitment is to return your finished report within 24 hours. Estimates with Eagle View allow 1-2 days more.

What if there are errors on my Xactimate report?

We will immediately respond with a corrected report.

Is the Xactimate report any guarantee of agreement from the adjusters?

No. Although Xactimate is accepted and used by most insurance companies, interpretations vary, as do some insurance companies directives to their adjusters. Some adjusters are not allowed to give on some items, even though others are. EagleView measurements and Xactimate pricing are the best way possible to establish your professionalism and credibility.

Can I request Overhead and Profit settings of a particular amount?

Absolutely, yes. Our reports can include 10% Overhead and 10% Profit. You can request it on our forms.

What are your roof prices?

Each roof report costs $49.00. A full siding estimate is $59. This includes revisions if needed. We charge a reasonable extra charge to add the Premium EagleView Roof Report and/or the EagleView Wall Report to your estimates.

These enhanced estimates are highly recommended and desirable. See Pricing for details.

Can we just send you an EagleView or some other aerial estimate?

Sure. In fact we will do any of these type for only $49. These aerial services are helpful for much information. If you already have an aerial estimate or calculations of your own, we will proceed. Bear in mind that aerial estimates dont show what type of roof material it is. Nor do they show how many layers are existing, for instance. A lot of information needs to be added. Detail is where you make (or lose) lots of money. Our form completes the needed information and starts you on your way to an impressive presentation.

***Did you know that the 3 industry leaders have combined into one company. Pictometry, GeoEstimator, and EagleView now operate as EagleView.

Do you do Xactimate estimating for more than just roofs?

Yes. RoofEstimators is a division of We have Specialists to handle all types of Xactimate estimating including divisions specializing in Siding, Drying, and Smoke Cleaning.

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