Roof Repairs Orlando Storm Damage Insurance Claims Roofing Quest©

Roof Repairs Orlando Storm Damage Insurance Claims Roofing Quest©

 Hail Damage Roof Repair Insurance Claims Specialists Orlando

Has your roof been totally destroyed or affected by recent storms, wind or hail in the Orlando area? Let our Haag certified roofers and roof repair insurance claim specialists help you in recovering the full costs of the roof repairs. Hurricanes and high winds can wreak havoc on a roofing system. Shingles blown off from high winds or even bent backwards can cause roof leaks and interior damage to your home. Hail damage will not only shorten the life of your roof, but will also void the shingle warranty!

The good news is that these types of emergency roofing repairs are covered by your homeowners insurance policy.  The problem homeowners face is getting all of the damage covered and repaired by their policy. Most insurance adjusters will simply include the roof in the insurance claim leaving out other damage caused by the storm like gutters, window screens, siding and more. This is why it is important to choose roofing contractor with experience in handling these types of insurance claims.

Roofing Quest specializes in helping homeowners through these types of catastrophes and the insurance claims process by providing a thorough inspection of your roof and property both inside and outside your home. With a Haag certified inspection report, you can get complete coverage of all damage to your home. Our roofers will meet with the insurance adjuster to make sure all items are included in the report in order to get the repair costs fully covered by your insurance company. This is a critical step in successfully getting the damage replaced. Unfortunately, most homeowners dont realize what should be included and often accept the first claim check leaving the rest of the damage up to them to fix. Once the claim is filed and the check is accepted you will not be able to file another claim! This is the benefit of using an Orlando roofing company that offers Haag certified reports.

What Type of Damage To Look for After a Storm

Interior Damage

  • Stains on the interior ceilings indicating a roof leak
  • Wet insulation in the attic
  • Stains on the roof decking in the attic
  • Peeling paint on drywall
  • Wet carpet along the baseboards

Exterior Damage

  • Blown shingles
  • Shingles that appear to be lifted or bent
  • Hail damage as indicated by round dents in shingles and missing ceramic granules
  • Dented roof vents
  • Small dents in gutters and downspouts
  • Window screens with small tears
  • Holes or cracks in siding
  • Damage to fencing around the property

Even if you think you have minor damage, it can still be covered under your insurance policy and many times your roof can be fully repaired or replaced if there is enough evidence. So dont hesitate to call a roofing contractor for a free inspection!

Wind Mitigation Inspections

A wind mitigation report can help homeowners save 20% or more on their insurance premiums. Wind mitigation inspections will provide your insurance company with a detailed report on what has been done structurally to reduce the chances of loss from storms including:

  • Hip roof construction
  • Checking for hurricane straps and proper bracing
  • Concrete block construction
  • Addition of moisture barriers
  • Storm shutters

As one of the leading roof repair contractors in the Central Florida area, we offer complete wind mitigation inspections and reports. If you think your home may qualify for a wind mitigation reduction, contact one of our Orlando roof repair insurance claims specialists today to schedule an appointment.

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