RV roof Replacement, RV Roof Repair

RV roof Replacement, RV Roof Repair

RV Roof Replacement Tips

These are the basic processes and options to Re-Roof a RV roof or repair most EPDM roofs. We welcome your ideas and solutions too. Also see our RV Roof Repair Techniques page.

Your options are: 1. Remove old roof and replace with new EPDM. (most effort, medium price; best if old roof is not well adhered). See RV Roof Replacement Pictorial. 2. Roof-over the old roof with new EPDM membrane (old must be well adhered). 3. Roof-over the old roof with Eternabond RoofSeal (expensive; quick; less work than applying EPDM roofing membrane). Eternabond is not designed for foot traffic. If you have foot traffic, use EPDM faced Seam cover tape. Its less expensive for small repairs. 4. Repair and Coat: Repair old roof leaks with Eternabond RoofSeal. or EPDM Seam Cover tape. then coat the roof with and EPDM compatible traffic grade roof coating like Roofmate HT. AES-125 is excellent too (2-part epoxy). Tan or light gray colors stay looking the best the longest. NEW. EPDM Roofing Materials and Methods. Here we have the complete process and materials for replacement of your EPDM roof. Questions? Email sales@bestmaterials.com Or call 1-800-474-7570 / 602-272-8128 You’ll get a prompt response.

EPDM Roofing Kits: These are premium repair kits with the best products available! The kit contents can be edited as needed. 10×15 Kit —Click Link, 10×15 Roof repair 9×30 Kit

9 x 30′ RV or building re-roof, w/ac 9×34 Kit

9 x 34′ RV or building re-roof, w/ac 9×40 Kit

2. Optional: Remove edge metal which around roof edge. If you do not remove edge metal, you can overlap the outside of the metal with RoofSeal.

3. Clean all dirt and oxidation from roof surface. The exact method depends on roof material and type of contamination or oxidation. If oil or grease are present, remove them FIRST.

For small repairs to EPDM RV use a plastic abrasive kitchen scrubber in repair areas. Scrub until clean then wipe or blow away all particles. This is the best method.


* Stiff Broom or blow off. * Use 1:3 Bleach/Water or TSP mixture on tough stains & mildew.

* Clean using a stiff broom or scrubber (or powerwash if leakfree) to remove all loose surface materials. Rinse well.

* Let dry thoroughly. * For stubborn stains or grease, use ETERNACLEAN together with clean rags

Important: When using Eternabond tape or EPDM Seam Cover. all traces of silicone sealants or waxes much be removed. Remove all silicone surface wax with ETERNACLEAN. Cut out any silicone or unknown caulking. Power wire brush old joints to remove all surface silicones. Re-caulk with M-1 sealant.

Re-Caulk & Repair: 5. With roof penetrations (vents, hatches, etc), you have a choice to remove, or leave on and flash around them (good time to upgrade any of these). It simplest to leave them on. Remove ALL old sealant using a putty knife as a scraper. Clean roofing and flashing surfaces as above. Replace any rusty screws with new stainless ones. Put M1 sealant into screw holes before putting in new screws.

6. Rough up areas to be caulked with a plastic scrub pad or rough sandpaper or wire brush. Remove particles. Caulk gaps, voids and cut-out holes with M-1. Let cure 24 hours.

7. Optional: After caulk cures, repair or reinforce as needed any damaged seams or high stress areas using EPDM White Coverstrip or Webseal.

Apply Repair / Roofing Materials: At this point, you can either repair cracks and tears with Eternabond Roofseal THEN coat with primer / Roofmate HT, or do the entire roof with new EPDM roofing membrane, or just patch areas with RoofSeal. Repair and recoating with RoofMate HT popular. New EPDM Roofing Materials Method —Click link. Eternabond RoofSeal White Application Method: 8. Now you can apply RoofSeal White. For large areas, use wide product. and plan your coverage using overlapping strips like wallpaper. Start at the BACK and works towards the FRONT of the roof). OVERLAP each piece to the next about 2 inches.

TIP: Use a 4 roller, not a 2 to roll-in large strips of material. Use 2 people. One to pull the tape tight & straight and to gradually pull backing away AS YOU stick it down by sweeping in gradual circles with you hand as the backing is pulled away. Don’t try to pull the whole backing off at once. Watch the Eternabond DVD movie before applying product to see these techniques.

9. Along the base of roof penetrations (vents, hatches etc), put another layer of Eternabond tape which wraps up the edge a couple inches.

10. Put your edge metal back on with new butyl tape sealant and new Stainless fasteners and Sealing Washer. OR use new fasteners, and put M1 sealant over the top of each one. OR put another strip of RoofSeal along the entire metal strip (cover the whole strip, overlapping both sides by 2.

You now have a great looking and long lasting new roof.

CAUTION: RoofSeal is slippery when wet. It is not designed nor recommended for any walking surface. For walk-deck surfaces you should refinish with a textured polyurethane deck coating, as outlined in our houseboat re-roof procedure. HOW TO RECOAT A RV EPDM ROOF —click link) The above link covers the basic process for recoat of an EPDM roof. Its best to read and follow instructions for specific products before applying. More Information: EPDM Roofing Materials and Application Roof Repair Items catalog pages. Roof Repair Info & Tips page. Roofing Membrane Repairs (DIY information) New: Our Houseboat Re-Roof Procedure. Do it yourself RV roof Replacement, repair, Eternabond roofseal, A-Seal. RV roof repair, sealant, waterproofing, roof leak repair, trailer roof repair

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