Cromar Bitumen Primer For Torch On Roofing Felt 5 litre

Cromar Bitumen Primer For Torch On Roofing Felt 5 litre

Low viscosity bituminous primer for use on porous surfaces before remedial roof treatment, including pour and roll and torch-on felt applications for remedial roof work & other roofing applications.

A highly penetrative, thin bituminous solution, black in colour.

Use BITUMEN PRIMER for priming surfaces prior to the application of bituminous materials. BITUMEN PRIMER can be used to prime concrete roofs and floors, cementitious screeds/renders, bitumen felt, mastic asphalt, weathered corrugated iron and steel. It is the recommended primer for use with our range of bituminous roof coatings, flashing tapes or mastics.

All surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free from surface contaminants such as grease, rust and dirt. If necessary, remove any organic growth i.e. moss or lichen, with MOSS & ALGAE CLEANER. On bare metal a rust inhibiting product, such as red oxide or zinc phosphate should be applied and allowed to harden.

Apply by brush or spray. Using a brush, scrub the primer into the surface.

Ensure that only a thin coat is applied and that there is no pooling. Alternatively, spray thinly and evenly. Priming should extend at least 75mm beyond the area to be waterproofed. Leave to dry for 2-3 hours before continuing with further work. With fibre cement or dry rag based bituminous felts, apply generously to saturate the surface.

Approximately 3-6 hours depending on drying conditions.

Safe Handling Precautions:

Flammability — Flammable.

Keep away from sources of ignition including pilot lights and sparks (see note). Take precautionary measures against static discharge. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use. DO NOT SMOKE. If used in an enclosed space ensure thorough ventilation of the area (using flame proof mechanical blowers if necessary) to avoid any accumulation of vapour until the product has dried. In case of fire use dry powder, carbon dioxide (CO2), foam, sand or earth. Never use water as this may spread the fire. Note: Electric motors, light/power switches and steel tools may generate sparks sufficient to ignite the product or it’s vapour, resulting in an explosion and/or fire.

Contains solvents that cause de-fatting of the skin and, in extreme circumstances, dermatitis. Avoid contact by careful working and use of a barrier cream on hands, arms and other exposed areas or wear gloves. Remove skin contamination immediately with a proprietary hand cleaner and wash with soap and water.

Avoid contact. Could have an irritating effect. In the event of accidental contact, wash eyes immediately with clean water for 15 minutes and obtain medical attention.

Contains solvent. Stand upwind of the work to avoid inhalation. Switch off all working ventilation inlets prior to using the material; leave covered until there is no odour of the solvent in the vicinity. In the event of discomfort as a result of inhalation move person to fresh air. If discomfort persists seek medical advice.

With proper handling this should not occur. The possibility can be minimised by not consuming food in the working environment and by washing hands thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking.

Cromar Bitumen Primer For Torch On Roofing Felt 5 litre

Spilt material should be mopped up immediately with an inert absorbent material, such as sand, and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

Disposal of Containers:

Do not leave containers on site where residue could be a hazard to children, animals or the environment. Replace lids securely and remove any containers to a central disposal point.

Clean with paraffin (kerosene) or white spirit.

Storage Conditions:

Store under cover away from sources of heat and ignition. Keep containers sealed when not in use.

12 months under good storage conditions in original unopened containers.

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