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"Never have I dealt with a contractor who stuck by the job as faithfully as you did!"

Priscilla C. Concord, MA

"Your service and attention — PERFECT! Your crew and their work – PERFECT!"


"One of the most professional and courteous home contractors I have ever encountered."

We are a Family Owned and Operated Business.

Located in Lancaster, MA, EAW roofing servicing Worcester County, Middlesex County, and BEYOND.

We are licensed and insured to Plow, Sand & Salt. We also shovel roofs off, sidewalks and remove Ice Dams. Call Today to get a Quote!

EAW Roofings mission is to provide our Customers with an unsurpassed level of service and quality by combining our integrity, experience, and well being of our employees.

Our goal is the well being of your property, and safety of your family. Our job isnt complete without a thorough clean up.

Home Improvement Contractor License: # 138286

Contractor Supervisor: # CSSL- 101078

Carry Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance

EAW Roofing, Inc. installs a wide selection of residential and commercial roofing options that caters to a variety of budgets.

In this economy, it seems home maintenance is the last thing on homeowners minds. This includes the roof over their head. Unfortunately this lackadaisical attitude typically ends up costing the homeowner much more than if they had paid attention to the signs their home was telling them.

EAW Roofing

Such signs that a roof may be failing include water stains in rooms in your house. These stains may appear to yellow or brown depending on how long water has been coming into the house. In addition, evidence of the water issue can be plaster bubbling out of the ceiling or starting to crack apart.

Another sign that the roof may be on its final years can be seen visually from the exterior of the house. If the current roof has three tab shingles, the style that looks like large bricks on the house, the spacing between the shingles will be larger than the width of a pencil. If the space is almost two pencils wide, it is pretty likely that the shingles are extremely brittle and are falling off the roof in some areas.

At this stage, it is important to call a qualified roofer to get quotes on a new roof. Since a new roof is an investment in a most Americans most expensive asset, it is of the utmost importance to be thorough in deciding what to do. This means determining what the building codes are for your town. When hiring a professional like EAW Roofing, they are familiar with the building codes of each town and state. In addition, a quality roofer will know what areas of a roof need more attention to prevent leaks and give additional longevity to a new roof.

Some simple things to check with a roofer are broken down into different areas. If they will roof over an existing roof without offering the option for a complete strip so raise some red flags. How wide the drip edge they are going to be using. In New England eight inches is preferred. The TyPar or Ice and Rain or Weather Watch is typically rated at three feet. EAW puts six feet of GRACE Ice & Water Shield on eaves, valleys and all problem areas. The remaining decking is covered with typar. Also the location of nails is very important on shingles. If the nails are too low, they will show and create leaks; if they are too high they will not hold the shingles properly.

An important decision for any homeowner is whether to choose a three-tab shingle or architectural shingles. Three tab shingles offer a warranty of five to fifteen years depending on manufacturer and thickness. Architectural shingles on the other hand can go from twenty years all the way to lifetime shingles. These shingles will typically cost 30% more a minimum but the lifetime warranty is worth every penny. Most shingles also offer a warranty transfer between owners.

With the right Massachusetts Roofer, such as EAW Roofing, the roof atop the home will stay watertight for years to come with proper installation in Worcester County and Middlesex County.

EAW Roofing, Inc. offers year round state of the art, cost effective roofing solutions for your Worcester County and Middlesex County Roofer.

We provide the best services of Roof Repair in Worcester MA.

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