Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist — Velvet PR Guestlist for Kensington Roof Gardens Velvet PR -

Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist - Velvet PR Guestlist for Kensington Roof Gardens Velvet PR -

Sir Richard Branson’s empire continues with the now world famous Kensington Roof Gardens guestlist..

If you are sick of the typical west end nightclub experience then the Kensington roof gardens is definitely worth a visit. Kensington roof gardens guestlist is like no other club with an outdoor terrace to rival any tropical paradise you may find not just in London but across the world

Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the west end with relaxing surroundings and a faboulous crowd Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist is the place to see and the place to "be seen"

It is hard to find a single negative with Ken Roof Gardens Guestlist as it really does tick all of the boxes that many of the high end London crowd expect these days. With fabulous outdoor space and gorgeous interiors and the London’s best DJ’s we do really struggle to find any negative to say about this clubbing treasure trove set within the heart of the fashionable area of Kensington.

Initially above Derry & Toms department store, which opened in 1933, The Roof covering Gardens were developed by the vice-president of Barkers, Trevor Bowen, that used landscape architect Ralph Hancock to realise his personal vision. The gardens opened up in May 1938. This is the 75th anniversary year.

There are three themed gardens: the Spanish Yard, Tudor Courtyard and English Woodland Garden. The Spanish yard is now grown in the design of the 1950s, while the Tudor Garden growing is based on the Biba ethos and growing from the 1970s.

The yards still have a variety of amazing wildfowl featuring 4 flamingos.

Possessed by Sir Richard Branson for 32 years, the gardens belong to Virgin Limited Version. They host a parts’ club, a personal function location and since 2001, on the seventh floor neglecting the woodland yard, the Babylon Restaurant.

Kensington Roof Gardens can not be seen from Kensington high road making this unique club discreet and providing it a more exclusive feel as only those "well-informed" will certainly know about this exclusive haunt for this abundant and well-known.

Kensington Roof Gardens guestlist is the largest roof covering space in europe reaching simply over 6000 meters settled! these yards can be scheduled out for exclusive events yet usually stay open throughout the evenings to the public.

The award-winning Kensington Roof Gardens is guestlist only and Velvet PR are fortunate to be able to offer you accessibility to this remarkable club

On the sixth floor rooftop of the former Derry and Tom’s department store look out right over the best of the High Street Kensington.

Kensington Roof Gardens guestlist is spacious and lavish food catering for the most extravagant crowd London can supply in an atmosphere so different from anything you will have seen before.

Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist - Velvet PR Guestlist for Kensington Roof Gardens Velvet PR -

Exactly what sets Kensington Roof Gardens guestlist apart are the gardens available throughout the summertime and winter that’s open for you and your guests to socialize and share in a celebration

Kensington Roof Gardens has few themed gardens with each garden are growing with decadent water fountains, outside heaters and lots of Seating for you to kick back relax and relax

Linking with the Gardens is a flowing stream with hundreds of fish and’s and unique swivel of four flamingos who are Now famously called: Bill, Ben, splosh and pecks

Sunday is the most popular evenings at Kensington roofing system gardens with the crowds that might measure up to any type of top VIP club in London

With Richard Branson behind this project celebs Are always present labels such as Sienna Miller and Jade Jagger passing through its unique doors on a weekly basis it is the star studded venue of choice for many of the world biggest stars.

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What is Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist Address:  99 Kensington High Street London W8 5SA

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