Sims 3 Home Tutorials — Roof Tool Techniques

Sims 3 Home Tutorials - Roof Tool Techniques

By Norma Blackburn

Here I’ll show you how to make particular roof types that are commonplace in real life.

Smaller Mansard roof

Mansard roofs make excellent tower roofs, but the tool to make them does not work on areas smaller than 7 x 7. You can make a mansard roof any size from 3 x 3 or larger using the half hipped roof.

Build your room to the height you want. For this example, I’m doing a two storey tower. Next add a smaller room in the centre of the top floor and put a flat roof on it. Make sure that the roof height slider is not too high (you need to be able to go up) then using the half hipped tool, add roof sections to the four sides of the roof, around the outside of the inner room. Use the height slider and raise all four pieces of roof until they are level with or slightly higher than the flat roof. For an added touch on a tower, use a low iron fence around the edge of the flat roof.

Making a mansard roof this way, you can make it any size you want, just remember that the area to have the hipped roof on it needs to be the same distance from the inner room on all sides.

Wrap Around Veranda Roof

Country homes look great with a wrap around veranda and adding a roof to it is quite simple. Let’s first look at a full veranda all the way around a rectangular (or square) house. Remember that roofs need a support at each corner, so you will need to build support walls at each corner. Next use the half hipped roof and add a roof on each side of the house. Now, lower each piece of veranda roof as low as it can go. You can now remove the support walls, but don’t forget to add a column at each corner at least and probably a few in between too.

That method is fine if you want a veranda all the way around a rectangular house, but what if your house is an odd shape? You can still do a veranda roof, you just need to use the half gable tool in some places instead of the half hipped roof.

Let’s say you have a house like this and you want to add the roof over the veranda footprint laid out.

The back and side pieces would be the same as we did for the rectangular build. When it comes to the front, use the half hipped tool from the corner to about the middle of the front (don’t forget you will need a support wall there), then use the half gable and go over a few sections of the hipped roof and continue to where it meets the wall.

Add the half hipped wall to about the half way mark.

When adding the half gable, be sure to cover the hipped section from where it starts to shape down.

If you want to continue the roof out towards the front as laid out in the image above, just use the half gable and start from right up against the front of the house and continue along the side wall of the front room to finish flush with the front wall. You can do it the same way as the front piece, using the half hipped roof for the end piece, but the result where it meets the house is less than pleasing.

Dormer Windows in a Gable Roof

Attics are best made inside tall gable roofs as these offer space high enough for sims. Because of the way they are made, normal windows cannot be added except on the gable ends. Dormer windows allow natural light in from the sides as well.

Let’s add some dormers to this simple house.

Notice in this picture, you can see the area that at the moment can be used as attic space (it has the flooring) Note also, that I have added two small rooms that will be the dormer windows. These can be any width you want them to be. Remove the small walls connecting the dormers to the main attic

Add a gable roof to the dormer, making sure that you take it back far enough to meet the rest of the roof.

Now you can add windows to the front of the dormer.

Another form of dormer window uses a half gable roof. Build this in the same way as the first dormer, then add a half gable roof. Lower this piece of roof until it joins the main roof and you are happy with the pitch. These windows are usually wider than a standard dormer and really open up an attic area.

Gambrel or Barn roof

With the advent of Sims 3 Pets. barns are becoming a common sight and the roof is easy enough to make. Start with the walls of your barn, then go up a level and add another set of walls but make this set one space in along the sides.

Using the half gable tool, place a roof along the thin outer edge of the second floor on both sides and a gable roof on the top section.

Raise the roof pieces till the side pieces reach the top of the wall and lower the top piece. There should be a distinct difference in pitch between the top section and the sides.

You may need to lower the side walls a little so they don’t come up through the top section like they do in this photo.

Gazebo Roof

Instead of just adding an octagonal roof to a gazebo, add an extra piece to make it stand out from the rest.

Start with building an octagon with all sides one wall section wide. Build an outer octagon around this (this will be the size of the gazebo).

Turn the placefriezes on and using both standard and diagonal foundations, build a foundation on top of the inner octagon. This can actually be tricky at times, you have to make sure your starting point is on the right level. Don’t forget to turn of placefriezes when you are finished.

Place and octagon roof over the full size of the gazebo and lower it so you can see the frieze section. Add a 1 x 1 octagon roof over the middle section of the frieze.

Adjust the height on both pieces to your liking. Remove the lower walls and add columns. You can build a similar gazebo using a standard wall instead of the frieze. I like that way because you can add high windows to the centre piece. You can see what I mean in this photo of one using full walls.

Pagoda Roof

I have had very little experience with pagoda roofs. They are not usually something I use, but one of the Twinkids said I had to do a pagoda, so with her help and a bit of help from google images, here it is.

I started with a 6 x 6 room and using the hipped pagoda roof, I added an 8 x 8 roof. Next I built another 6 x 6 room on top and gave this a 6 x 6 roof. On top of that I built a 4 x 4 room with a 4 x 4 roof and finally a 2 x 2 room with a 2 b 2 roof.

You can build all the rooms first then go right down and add the roofs, but it can get a little confusing, as the game jumps up a level as soon as you place a bit of roof.

Another thing to note, is that the pagoda roofs act like the circular roofs. In different views, they appear to be inside the building, but when a sim goes inside, there is no roof in the room.

So there you have it folks, I hope these roof lessons have been helpful in some way and that maybe next time you build a house, you will not just trust the game to provide you with a roof, but instead build it yourself.

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