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5 Surefire Ways of Finding Roof Leaks - Denver CO - NuBilt Restoration & Construction

Roof repair is something that people dread, but realize sooner or later they will need to have theirs repaired. So, if youre going to have it done, you need to think of ways that you can save on the costs. It can be a major investment, and therefore, should only be handled by experienced professionals. Actually, roof repair is one of the most expensive home maintenance projects that you can get involved with. Once you locate a leak or damaged section of your roof, it should be fixed at once, to prevent further roof and structural damages.

5 Surefire Ways of Finding Roof Leaks

If you have a leaky roof, its time to call a qualified company to get it fixed. However, you might be able to save yourself some money by locating where the leaks are coming from. It might also give you some time to protect your furniture, appliances, rugs, or other areas that might be affected until the roof is fixed. Here are some tips on finding roof leaks:

    • Check the Seams This is often a problem area for roof repair. The seams should always be checked.
    • 5 Surefire Ways of Finding Roof Leaks - Denver CO - NuBilt Restoration & Construction
    • Check when it is Dry Wait until your roof is dry before you start poking around for holes and cracks. Just remember the approximate area of your house where the leaks are coming from and start searching there.
    • Inspect Low Areas Water tends to accumulate in the lower areas of your roof. This is a main source for finding roof leaks. Its also the place that can cause a lot of structural damage.
    • Search Surrounding Areas The place where the water is leaking into your home might not be exactly where your roof is leaking. It might be leaking into another area, and slowly working its way down to another opening in your roof.
    • Check for Rusty Nails Finally, rusty nails can often leave holes and require roof repair.

    Additional tips when picking a roofing contractor

      • Consider Local Contractor Options Senate Bill 207 has been introduced in Colorado to address the problems associated with out-of-state contractors from scamming property owners. A local contractor should provide you with not only a manufacturers warranty on the materials used but a workmanship warranty on the installation. You may not want just any company who has targeted your neighborhood after a hail storm.
      • Never hire a contractor who shows up unsolicited or to check out any part of your home or let them inside for an inspection. They may be looking for valuables to steal.
      • Get it in Writing -  The contract should include an estimate of the cost and specifically outline whats to be done.
      • Never Pay in Full in Advance -  Partial payments as work is finished are OK, but get it in writing.
      • Report door-to-door scams to local authorities or the attorney generals office: 800-222-4444 or stop.fraud@state.co.us.
      • Hire for Expertise -  In different parts of the country, roofing materials vary and the longevity of your roof can also vary. It makes sense to use a company who is familiar with the products best suited for the region you live in.

      Dont waste a lot of time debating if you should get it fixed. Roof leaks can be serious, and should be taken care of as quickly as possible to save you money on repairs. If you are in dire need of a roof repair in the Denver area, look no further. Get in touch with the NuBilt professionals today!

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