Commercial Roofing Contactors Georgia Commercial Roofing Repairs GA -

Commercial Roofing Contactors Georgia Commercial Roofing Repairs GA -

Residential andIndustrial Commercial Roofing Contractors differ a lot from one another, especially when it comes to the needs and requirements of a business structure compared to that of a house. True both roofing structures need to be maintained and built to todays codes and standards, but the materials and installation techniques vary widely between the two. This is why you want to hire the best Commercial Roofing Contractor that can meet all of your commercial building criteria.

Commercial Roofing Contractors can offer you many Industrial Commercial Roofing Contractors service options, but the standard practice of the best contractors are those who offer a free estimate before they begin work on your business roof. Often the Roofing Contractor will come out and inspect your roof with nuclear and thermal scanning, checking for problem areas and bonding issues. They also will go over plans for managing and maintaining your roof, as well as offer you a warranty for your existing one.

Although the free estimate is a great benefit to look for, the most important thing to ask about is the Commercial Roofing Contractors license. In todays world of fly-by-night scam artists who take payment and then disappear, or worse do an awful job that you are stuck with, using a licensed contractor ensures you will avoid any legal headaches if the job is not done correctly. Add to this the time and experience the Roofing Contractor has put into this and you can be sure of excellent results.

Financial Considerations for Commercial Roofing Contractors

Another important must-have is making sure the Industrial Roofing Contractors are insured. Not only will this give you the confidence that you are indeed hiring the best contractor for the job, but it also ensures you will not be liable for any accidents that occur during the roofing job. Thus you can breathe easy and relax in the knowledge that you, your business, and the new roof will be taken care of properly.

Finally, with the increase of Internet usage, it is highly recommended to check if the Commercial Roofing Contractor has their own business website. The website of the best contractors in your area will answer many of your questions and concerns, show any testimonials from previous clients, and give you the best way to contact them. Thus making your final decision as to which contractor to hire for your Industrial Roofing project much easier to make than ever before.

Stay On Budget With Your Commercial Roofing Project

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Most commercial roofs have an average life-span of 15 to 20 years. To ensure you get the most from your roof you will need to have it regularly inspected and maintained to catch any needed repairs before they become too costly in the future.

Commercial Roofing Types

Commercial Shingle Roof

In general most commercial buildings have a flat roof with only a slight slope to them. Many of these opt for Shingles which are made from wood, slate, clay, or most often asphalt (this is because asphalt shingles are the most cost effective option out of the four choices). But be forewarned: Shingle commercial roofs require the most extensive maintenance over time, which can eat at your bottom line.

Commercial Metal Roof

When shingles arent the desired choice, many business owners opt to install metal roofing. Both economical and reliable, the metal roofing system is made of a flexible alloy, such as copper, aluminum or steel. One of the factors that make metal roofing such a popular choice is the way the metal absorbs heat in the winter and yet reflects the suns rays in the summer, helping to insulate the building naturally.

Commercial Membrane Roof

The middle option for business owners is to go with a single-ply membrane system, such as EPDM, TPO or PVC. These flexible sheets are lightweight yet quite durable, and overall easy to maintain. Similar to a metal roof, membrane roofing also reflects sunlight to keep the building at a refreshing indoor temperature. Very cost effective for those with a limited budget.

In Conclusion

By hiring the right experienced commercial roofing contractor you can get some great advice as to what roofing system is right for your business (depending on the size, location, and budget restraints). One of the best ways to ensure you hire the best contractor for the job is to get multiple bids, looking for the following items to be met:

  • Does the contractor have enough experience for this job?
  • Can the contractors crew work without disturbing your business operations?
  • Commercial Roofing Contactors Georgia Commercial Roofing Repairs GA -
  • Does the contractor provide an inspection service? (This alone can save you thousands of dollars by preventing unforeseen troubles from occurring)

Select the Best Commercial Roofing Contractor For The Job!

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If you plan on getting commercial roofing done for your home, you need the services of an expert. The market is saturated with many service providers promising to do a good job but how do you know which one is the best? Here are some tried and tested ways to find out.

Thorough research is necessary

There are many roofing contractors in the market today. Therefore, before you zero in on one, you should do a thorough research. All contractors for commercial roofing should have a license in order to practice their trade. Make sure that your prospective contractor has a valid license as required by State laws .

Insurance for worker compensation

Another aspect you need to check for is whether your commercial contractor for roofing has a worker compensation insurance or not. The contractor should also have general liability. In the absence of having an insurance, if there is a damage to your property then you will be responsible for paying all of it and not the contractor. You should always ask the company for copies of the certificates of insurance. You must also perform a follow-up with the respective insurance organization to see if the insurance policy is still active or not.

Roof inspection

Most commercial roofing experts will offer a full-fledged roof inspection as part of their package. After the inspection, they will provide an estimate of the costs involved. They will also document whatever aspects of the roof they deem necessary and this is one of the ways to differentiate between a reputed contractor and others. The roof inspection must include aspects such as problems with H-VAC penetrations, mounted equipment on the roof, leakages etc. The final report prepared as a result of this inspection may also include aspects like photographs of the roof condition, roof drawing as well as core samples etc. Once the report is prepared, the contractor should provide a complete estimate of the costs including all aspects of the roofing process. If there is additional work needed these costs should be included as well. The expert needs to clean up the leftover debris once commercial roofing is performed.


This is a crucial aspect to consider when looking for a commercial roofing expert. You should always ask for the warranty on the roofing product catalog. Make sure you understand the nuances of its enforcement. Understand aspects like if the replacement costs are pro-rated on the basis of the roofing life or whether replacement labor is imposed as extra expenses on you.


Once you know about the warranty, pricing, insurance and license aspects, you should ask previous customers for references about the company. Try and contact as many people as you can to get a better idea about the reputation and service levels of the commercial roofing expert. Check the list of ongoing projects to see how all work in progress is handled by the company. Following all of these tips will ensure that you get the best roofing expert to do the job .

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