Exterior Paint Colors with Light Gray Roof — Good Questions Apartment Therapy

Exterior Paint Colors with Light Gray Roof — Good Questions Apartment Therapy

Q: I just moved into a new house, and while I love the eco-friendliness of a light colored roof, it’s apparently a very uncommon color. I can’t seem to find any inspiration photos to guide me in my exterior paint choices. Any suggestions or photos to help me? (Eventually the fence will be replaced and we’ll create a grass-free edible landscape.) My style is modern organic, but my home’s facade just reads featureless 1950’s tract house. I’m attaching a screen shot from Google street view.

Regina Yunghans


I would go with a darker color to give the place some contrast. I’d avoid greens so the yard can lend that color to the palette for you. I’d also avoid yellow. Personally I would go with a brick red.

Pale pink! Haha, I know, no one wants a pale pink house but me.

I think a navy or slate gray with chunky white trim and that light gray roof, and a door in a poppy red-orange or yellow?

I agree with MHOLTGREIVE. Navy or slate grey would look great with that roof. And you can add a pop of colour with the door and some flowers.

This may defeat the ecological benefits of having a light-colored roof, but, when faced with a similar situation, we painted our home a dark, fudgy brown with eggshell trim. The mailbox was oxidized brass and the house numbers were polished brass. Our house was black with white trim when we bought it, and after living with it for several years, we decided to warm things up and go for a bit of a richer look when we repainted.

I agree with the others about the slate gray or navy. You can add color to the front door or add shutters, too.

I LOVE the idea of a navy on that house! Seconds here on that color!

I’d leave the house as it is, and add some darker shutters to the windows and a pop of colour to the door. Yellow? Red?

I’m not good with exterior paint colors, so I may not be the one to ask. I would go with a darker color, but I would absolutely avoid dark, dark colors. The house appears small. I can’t tell how big it is,but a dark color is going to make it appear even smaller, and I think, provide too much contrast with the light roof.

I had my own little house painted several years ago. The tan I chose was a neutral, and a nice, pretty color. Another home in my neighborhood had been painted the same beige, and it looked great. On mine, it was too dark because there’s a big oak tree in my front yard, and the area is shaded. Those are the kinds of things you have to look out for.

Do you like greys? I think a soft grey would be nice. You could paint out the window frames and trim, door, and garage door in a slightly darker shade, or white. I had my front porch trim and the garage door painted a soft white, and it perked up my place like you wouldn’t believe.

The paint strips have several shades. You can’t go wrong by picking a soft light color and then going a little darker or lighter for the trim.

Also, I’d prune those trees. That will open up the front yard and give you a better idea of what the place will look like.

Good luck.

I agree with Fred B. Darker is the way to go. I have a slightly darker gray roof with my dark brown house and white trim. I’m in the north though so dark is fine here. I didn’t check the google location of your home but from the landscape you look like south or west and hot and drier then we are here. I’d maybe go with a portobello mushroom color that leans toward the gray and keep the trim white to go with your fence.

Fred’s idea of letting the yard handle the greens is solid. also think of what color flowers you have in the beds and pick a color that will show them off. I have lots of pinks and purples and they look fab against the dark brown.

Great little home. a few touches here and there and you could have it looking Craftsman instead of tract.

Another vote for navy or almost-black-grey. Don’t add shutters — you don’t have enough wall space available for shutters that will be in scale with your nice, large windows.

Don’t denigrate your place as a "50s tract house:" — it is really cute!

I agree with @ASTICAT, leave it white and paint the doorframe and windowframes a contrasting colour, maybe even black, which would go with the monochrome of the roof. I love the grey roof, it gives a very relaxing feel but I think a dark colour on the house would move away from that. You could then also add one or two items (a bench, a large pot) in a strong colour such as red or royal blue that would again pop against the white and coloured trim.

I’d go with a medium gray/green for the house and a bright white or maybe a bright green trim color. My kids have converted their front yard into a series of raised vegetable garden beds — it’s great. My grandchildren can just go out and pick green beans or zucchini and eat them while they are playing. Raw broccoli stalk makes a great teething "ring". Enjoy your new house!

Exterior Paint Colors with Light Gray Roof — Good Questions Apartment Therapy

Are you in California? I’d look at California bungalows or California 50s modern for your inspiration.

A grey roof will go with anything — you are lucky.

Play up the geometric accents if you want to go the MidCentury Modern route — the window just left of the front door is calling for an horizontal element — flank the window with a band of siding on each side. The picture window is very square and you should play that geometry up — a wide piece of square trim to accent that window might be fun.

Good luck!

I have a similar color roof and my siding is grey. I went with Navy trim and a bright yellow door. No landscaping yet of note yet, so it gives the house some interest. I think any combo of darkish trim and a bright pop somewhere would look great.

I have the same color roof. Our house is yellow with black shutters and a black front door. I think it looks very nice, but my husband thinks we should go with a corally pink at some point. So Asticat, you’re not the only one who wants a pink house!

Exterior house color should be influenced by the colors of the homes around you. You want your home to play well with others. It also depends on the quality of light where you live. But I look at that sunny sky above your home and the white houses next to and behind it, and I think a very deep version of Wedgewood blue with a warm white trim would make your house sing. Then incorporate some dusty gray-blues and purples into your edible garden — artemisia, rue, dusty miller, artichokes if you can grow them, salvias, lavenders, echinops (globe thistle), monarda (bee balm) and the gorgeous see holly. Add some rich saffron yellow to orange flowers — leonotis, sunflowers, tagetes, calendula (edible!). And paint your front door a rich saffron or persimmon. That’s my vision.

I’d go with a light yolk orange or apricot color, white trim and a cerulean blue door. Play up the Miami/Caribbean colors and use a lot of planters for structure when you remove the lawn.

I really really like your house!

It strikes me as a cute bungalow by the sea where you can hear the ocean roll against the beach while sipping a drink on the front porch.

Not knowing how close or far away from the beach you are but I would play that up and paint the house a bright robins’ egg blue, adding Bermuda shutters and plunking down a palm tree in the front yard for shade :o)

I don’t see a problem with light coloured roofs; we had one on our first house — we chose a pink exterior. We had a picket fence, salvaged brick path, and beautiful flower garden with lots of sweet peas and David Austin Roses.

I’d go with medium greys because they are very current and also show off your landscaping to advantage, but many other colours would work too.

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