Florida TPO Commerical Roof All Area Roofing, Tampa, Ft Pierce

Florida TPO Commerical Roof All Area Roofing, Tampa, Ft Pierce

Thermoplastic Olefin or Polyolefin (TPO) roof in Florida is an ideal roofing solution to prevent water ingress during the wet months, and corrosion from most roofing chemicals exposure. A TPO roof is also known as a membrane roof. TPO roof membranes are constructed from single-ply ethylene propylene rubber.  They are designed to provide the best protection offered by EDPM rubber combined with seams that are hot air welded. A TPO membrane offers the durability of the former and performance of the latter. A TPO roof in Florida provides resistance to algae and ozone, is cost-effective, relatively easy to install and environmentally friendly. Membrane roofing is gradually replacing traditional asphalt roofs found in many Florida buildings.

A typical Florida home with a shingle roof relies on the shingles and gravity to keep moisture from leaking into the home. The pitch of the roof is what causes the water to run off after heavy rain or a storm. The shingles offer protection from water ingress till the water runs off. A flat roof, while a nice choice for homes, does require some very specific maintenance. If water sits or pools on a roof for any length of time it eventually results in leakage. A flat roof or one with a low pitch or slope counteracts the effect of gravity by slowing the rate of water run-off. It becomes important in such a condition to install a moisture barrier and also accelerate the rate of water run-off. This is where TPO comes in as a TPO roof prevents leaking and offers a smooth surface which helps accelerate water run-off.

TPO roof membranes are one of the most recent single ply, flat roofing materials on the market. TPO roof membranes come in various thicknesses and are designed for use in adhered roof and mechanically fastened roofing applications. TPO can be used in new constructions, re-roof and re-cover roof projects. UV inhibitors are added to the product in manufacture for additional longevity. However over a period of time, the roof membranes in a TPO roof do age under stress from the sun, rain and wind. Such areas can be repaired with a relatively simple heat welding process. The affected surface is prepared by roughing it up then treated with primer. Next a sealant is applied so that the old material is replaced with new. A TPO roof is both fire and chemical resistant.

A TPO roof membrane can be installed at any time during the year with appropriate roof deck preparation. TPO membranes meet a wide range of roof construction requirements. The installation process involves seaming and hot air welding. Hot air welding involves application of hot air to a membrane seam so that it softens and melts fusing two surfaces together. Hot air welding converts individual membrane sheets into a permanent bonded sheet. Seams require to be tested to ensure they are totally water resistant. On steel and wood decks the TPO membrane can be mechanically fastened using specially designed fasteners.

Florida TPO Commerical Roof All Area Roofing, Tampa, Ft Pierce

The success and long-term performance of a TPO roof depends on the skill, experience and knowledge of the installer. As easy as it sounds, a TPO roof installation is still a complicated job which does require professional expertise. It is always advisable to hire a professional roofing contractor after due verification of his experience with TPO roof installations in Florida.

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