Roofing Shingles Price Your Guide To Roofing Shingles

Roofing Shingles Price Your Guide To Roofing Shingles

Roofing Shingles Price Beware! You May Be Getting Ripped Off!

Are you aware of how much your roof should cost or the roofing shingles price currently in the market? If you dont, then its very likely that youre being played for a sucker. In a field thats rife with scams and many unscrupulous contractors are preying upon unsuspecting victims, you need the information shared in this article to avoid getting cheated by them.

To make certain that you get the best deal on your roofing shingles price. you need to understand some essentials about roofing. There are 2 major factors that govern the expense involved in roofing labor or people, and the roofing materials you need.

Roofing products are simple to contrast and compare against each other. Most of the contractors who take on such projects tend to favor similar products. Thats how youll find it easy to match quotes from one against another, even if they are based in a different state or county from where you live. GAF roofing systems are excellent in this regard, as they provide high value for money and are incredibly efficient.

Manufacturers of roofing shingles like IKO would prefer that you choose even more than only their dimensional shingles. Thats one of the main reasons they throw in such an attractive guarantee, but load it with so many pre-conditions that you may find yourself ineligible for the warranty if you dont also order other roofing material components from them. GAF roofing systems makes it a condition that you place orders for at least 3 of their roof components along with roofing shingles.

The responsibility for comparing different brands of related roofing materials is yours. Ice and water shields for windows are necessary in each valley in the roof. You also need them along the lower edge of a roof to guard the building against leaking water from ice melts. The related material you may choose to order along with this are drip edges, step flashing and vent pipe flanges.

Typically your roofing shingles price will range between $135 and $175 per square (which is equivalent to 100 square feet). This differs from one place to another, and also will depend upon the type and quality of the shingles that you purchase. But this range will give you a kind of outline or ballpark from which your quote shouldnt vary widely.

When considering labor expenses, there is far more flexibility. Roofing installation is hard physical work and isnt at all exciting or glamorous. It could even be quite dangerous at times. When you factor in the variability in rates at which workmen are compensated, youll quickly realize that there is no average indication that you can rely upon like you do get with roofing shingles price.

Labor expenses will depend upon the pitch of your roof. Steeper roofs make it harder for workmen to get on and work, while gentle slopes or flat roofs are simpler to work with. Single story buildings, in a similar fashion, will cost less than 3 story buildings because of the inherent difficulty of the job. If the roof of your building has multiple dips and curves, that bit will be the most labor intensive and so will cost you more to construct.

Do you need to remove older layers from your roof? While the roofing shingles price will remain the same, the labor cost of removing older shingles will add on to your budget. Experienced workers will quote a higher price for such roofs. Another paradox is that smaller roofs will cost you more for labor expenses. Even though the job may get done sooner, the workers will still need to be paid for the entire days wages by your contractor, who will pass on this extra cost to you!

Roofing shingles price is therefore only one variable in the overall cost of roofing your building. But it is a critical part. And the price depends on what shingles you choose, how many you order, and that in turn will depend on the size and nature of your roof. Wastage and breaking shingles is another thing to keep in mind, and experienced hands will save this cost, making their higher labor costs worthwhile. Warranties provided by the vendor will not protect you against accidental injury during installation.

Roofing labor, even though widely variable, will typically cost you around $140 to $160 per square. That means your overall expense of roofing with shingles is between $275 and $335 per 100 square feet. The important thing to keep in mind, however, is that cost isnt the same as price. A well installed shingles roofing can remain in place for years, often decades and will save you a fortune in replacement and renovation costs over the years ahead.

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